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Wood pellets class A1 for central heating boilers | TÜV Rheinland

Wood pellets class A1 for central heating boilers

Demonstrate consistent high product quality with our certification for wood pellets

Wood pellets contribute considerably towards a reduction in CO2 emissions. They have developed into a real alternative to heating oil and natural gas. Thanks to these positive properties, both wood pellets and pellet boilers have spread continuously.

Our "DINplus class A1 wood pellets" certification in line with international standards allows you to stand out from the competition and provide proof that your wood pellets are consistently of high quality. The DINplus quality mark strengthens your customers' trust in you, allowing you to meet the rising demand for certified wood pellets and thereby improve your market position.

DIN EN 14961-3 - briquettes

Our DIN-plus-mark and its message of quality are established worldwide, recognized by specialists, and enjoy the confidence of consumers. Our experts and auditors for factory inspection controls have extensive experience in the industry and cooperate with qualified testing laboratories when assessing your products.

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Improve customer confidence through sustainable wood pellets

Prove the high quality of your wood pellets with our certificate to secure the confidence of your customers and an excellent position in the market. Our DINplus certification program ensures that wood pellets emit minimal pollution with the lowest ash content for high fuel values, and help avoid malfunctions in pellet boilers : for more than 20 years. Our certification provides your customers with a decision-making aid and guide in a complex and growing market.

Our services for the testing and certification of your wood pellets

International standard for wood pellets:

  • DIN EN ISO 17225-2 (A1) - Solid biofuels - Fuel specifications and classes - Part 2: Graded wood pellets
  • Part of the international standard for quality assurance in the wood pellet logistic and wood pellet storages: DIN EN ISO 20023 - Solid biofuels - Safety of solid biofuel pellets

Requirements for wood pellets for DIN plus certification

Our auditing, testing and certification for wood pellets ensures, among other things, high quality levels in the production of wood pellets through a.o. checks of the internal quality controls. We test products in qualified and recognized testing laboratories. Some of the tested properties are:

  • Water content
  • Bulk density
  • Fine fraction
  • Calorific value
  • Mechanical strength
  • Chemical contamination
  • ash content
  • pellet length

In addition, we also require a lower ash content than the international standard specifies and we determine the so-called ash melting temperature. This temperature is important in estimating the tendency to generate slag.

A certificate is awarded if the result of the evaluation is positive. It is valid for five years, subject to annual controls and in case of deviations unannounced further audits and tests. It can then be extended by five years at a time.

DINplus wood pellets – recognition for manufacturers and consumers

By developing quality standards and marks we have become a reliable companion to the pellet industry. DINplus certification is trusted by sellers and manufacturers of wood pellets not only in Europe, but wherever high-quality wood pellets are purchased.

Our aim is to test and certify product quality at all stages of the process chain. To implement this holistic approach, we will assist you with extensive services, like the certification of transport and storage logistic for the wood pellet and fuel industry.

This means that we check, among other things, the steps from the raw material control at the incoming gate, the production with internal quality assurance as well, up to the outgoing goods and the delivery to the end-users.

Furthermore, TÜV Rheinland conducts also testing and certification of pellet boilers etc. TÜV Rheinland thus presents an unique network of experts in the sector of wood pellets worldwide.

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Ask the expert: Your chance on the growing market for wood pellets

Consumers around the world are becoming more and more environmentally aware. They are attaching increasing importance to renewable energy sources. This makes heating systems based on wood pellets a huge growth market in the private sector.

Our product manager for the testing and certification of wood pellets, Maximilian Quietzsch, explains why manufacturers and retailers without certification have no chance in the competitive growth market for wood pellets.

The most important questions and answers about wood pellet certification

Do you want to know more about our wood pellet testing and certification services? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you below.

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1. What requirements must be met for DINplus certification?

DINplus certification shows that your work is of the highest quality, that you offer consistently high product quality levels, and that you voluntarily submit to annual monitoring. Among other things, we check the goods receipt, storage, preparation and production, as well as the goods issue. In addition, depending on the manufacturer or dealer option, your internal measurements are checked. Furthermore, samples are taken and tested by an independent laboratory approved by us.

If the assessment by DIN CERTCO is successful, you will receive a five-year certificate.

2. What advantages does DINplus certification offer manufacturers, retailers and consumers?

We are the first certification body which developed an international certification for wood pellets already in 2002. By developing quality standards, we have already been a reliable companion of the pellet industry for many years and have earned the trust of manufacturers, traders and consumers. Furthermore, the DINplus certification is mentioned in the I. German Federal Immission Control Ordinance, which underlines the professional acceptance of this certification. We are the first certification body to receive accreditation in this field through an independent review.

All of our partners have been reviewed and recognized by us for their areas of expertise and have independent accreditations, among other things. Therefore, you can rely on our decades of experience and competence. Thus, manufacturers and traders with the DINplus certificate show that you work with confidence and consistently deliver quality that meets consumer expectations.

With DIN CERTCO you have one contact, one application and the same requirement for each country.

3. What do I need to know about packaging?

Wood pellets can be delivered packed or unpacked. Please proceed to our checklist to find out what information must be included on the packaging or accompanying documents.

4. What points must sellers observe?

Fuel sellers and wood pellet suppliers frequently sell their products under their own name without specifying the original pellet producer. Such wood pellets can naturally be marked DINplus as well. To do so, you as the seller need a sub-license, which you can request from our experts in writing. You need the approval of the manufacturer to do so.

If the wood pellet manufacturer already has a DINplus certificate, you can request a certificate via that manufacturer, which will then be issued in the name of the seller or supplier. This certificate depends on the manufacturer's certification in all its aspects.

5. How do I know which wood pellets meet DINplus requirements?

Every successfully certified manufacturer of DINplus wood pellets receives a certificate from us that customers can ask to see at any time. The wood pellet packaging also features the DINplus quality mark with the corresponding registration number. If the pellets are delivered without packaging, the mark with the registration number is shown on the delivery notes.

You can also check our database for certified manufacturers and sellers; it is updated every day. If you still have doubts, feel free to contact us as we strictly follow up fraud cases and mark misuses.

6. Do DINplus pellets comply with normative specification in other countries?

The product certification DINplus for wood pellets based on the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 17225-2. Therefore, DINplus certified wood pellets comply in their characteristics with internal standardized requirements for wood pellets. The German version (DIN) of the standard EN ISO 17225-2 comply in all requirements with other comparable national version of the standard (e.g. NF, UNI or BS). This is guarantee because of the agreed ratification for standards from the different countries, which follow the ratification agreement.

Application for certification

pdf Application form Products 192 KB Download
pdf Application form for Sub-Licence 249 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme Wood Pellets (English version) 350 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme Wood Pellets (French version) 334 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme Wood Pellets (Polish version) 372 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme Wood Pellets (Spanish version) 352 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download

More about wood pellets

pdf Leaflet: Wood pellets for identification of packing 150 KB Download
pdf Leaflet: Retailer Wood Pellets 152 KB Download
pdf Flyer: Certification for Wood Pellets 264 KB Download
pdf Flyer: Wood Pellets - Your Plus for Quality 389 KB Download
pdf Checklist: Wood Pellet Certification 167 KB Download

Certificate holder and testing laboratories

Certificate Holder

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