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Industrially compostable materials and products made from bio-plastics: We certify them | DIN CERTCO

Industrial Compostable Products

Our Certification for Your Products Made from Sustainable Bioplastic.

Materials, packaging and products that can be recycled in industrial composting play a major role in the circular economy. Due to their great potential for meeting stricter disposal requirements, the demand for industrially compostable products made from biodegradable materials is continuously increasing.

In all these cases, the following applies: Buyers demand credible, traceable proof of industrial compostability.

We certify your biodegradable products in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and, if applicable, other national and international standards, and award the two internationally recognized certification marks: our "DIN-Geprüft industrially compostable" test mark and the "Keimling" compostability mark of European Bioplastics e. V. Both marks can be used individually, alternatively or simultaneously, and document the degradability of your products.

Important to know: If the starting material is registered according to DIN EN 13432, you as a manufacturer of end products made from this material may be able to obtain certification with reduced testing effort.

Secure the Trust of Your Customers with a Neutral Certification

Our transparent and neutral certifications help you secure market access and increase the confidence of your customers and business partners. Our globally recognized test marks prove at a glance that your biodegradable packaging and products are suitable for industrial composting. This clearly sets you apart from your competitors. The clearly visible decision-making and orientation aids for your customers give you demonstrable competitive advantages.

We are your Partner for Certifications Worldwide

Thanks to our globally established network of accredited and competent testing laboratories and experienced experts on site, we have been your partner for certifications in all regions of the world for 25 years. For the American and Canadian markets, we cooperate with the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and perform the technical assessments for certification for the BPI compostable label.

For certifications for the markets in Australia and New Zealand (Australasia) according to the AS 4736 standard, DIN CERTCO cooperates with the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) and the certification system there.

Specifically for the British market, we cooperate with Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) and its certification system according to BS EN 13432 and BS EN 14995.

Certifications also According to other International Standards

We certify your industrially compostable materials, packaging and products made of bioplastics according to the standard DIN EN 13432. Depending on your individual requirements, certifications according to DIN EN 14995, ISO 17088, ISO 18606 or AS 4736 are also possible in parallel. A certification is valid for 3 years.

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Testing scope for industrially compostable products – DIN CERTCO

Certification of your biodegradable products in just a few steps

Industrial compostable products
Certification of your biodegradable products in just a few steps

With us, you have an experienced partner and independent third party at your side for the certification of your industrial compostable products. DIN CERTCO provides the experts for sustainable materials within the TÜV Rheinland Group and is the only accredited certification body for these environmental certifications at EU level. We build on more than 20 years of experience and expertise as well as a worldwide network of testing laboratories and experts. Make it easier for your customers in all world markets to choose your products made from sustainable bioplastics!


pdf Application Form - DIN-Geprüft / Seedling 306 KB Download
pdf Application Form Simplified Chinese 822 KB Download
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pdf Certification Scheme DIN-Geprüft 703 KB Download
pdf Applicatiion Form DINplus 233 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme DIN-plus 840 KB Download
pdf Whitepaper Bioplastics 3 MB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download
pdf Testing, Registration and Certification Regulation 320 KB Download

Documents „Keimling” Mark (Seeding Mark)

pdf Certification Scheme Seedling 605 KB Download
pdf Trademark rules 155 KB Download
pdf Trademark Usage Guideline 135 KB Download
pdf Seedling mark protected countries 364 KB Download
pdf Guideline How to use the Seedling Logo 1004 KB Download

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Compostable Materials

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Certificazione di prodotto compostabile e di origine biologica presso DIN CERTCO

I nostri marchi riconosciuti internazionalmente garantiscono l'accesso ai mercati su scala globale.


Norme vigenti ASTM D 6400 or ASTM D 6868.

Dal 2017 DIN CERTCO collabora con Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) per il rilascio del loro marchio.

BPI opera lo schema certificativo per prodotti compostabili in

nord America, garantendo l'accesso al mercato locale.


Certificazione vigente secondo le norme AS 4736 per prodotti adatti al compostaggio industriale e AS 5810 per compostaggio casalingo. DIN CERTCO opera con ABA (Australasian Bioplastics Association) per la concessione di entrambi i marchi.


Lo standard in Europa per il compostaggio industriale è EN 13432. Prodotti adatti al compostaggio industriale possono ottenere il marchio "DIN-Geprüft industrial compostable", anche in combinazione con il rinomato "Seedling" che DIN CERTCO rilascia in cooperazione con European Bioplastics da oltre 20 anni. Per prodotti compostabili in ambito casalingo, lo standard francese NF T 51-800 vige per il rilascio del logo "DIN-Geprüft Home Compostable".


Per compostaggio industriale possono essere applicati gli standard ISO 17088 e ISO 18606 qualora essi siano stati armonizzati a livello locale.

Certificaciones de DIN CERTCO para productos compostables y de base biológica

Nuestras marcas de certificación reconocidas internacionalmente para su acceso al mercado en todo el mundo.


Los estándares que se utilizan son ASTM D 6400 o ASTM D 6868. Desde el año 2017, DIN CERTCO coopera con el Instituto de Productos Biodegradables (BPI por sus siglas en inglés). BPI es el sistema líder de certificación en América del Norte para productos compostables. Por ello, mediante esta certificación, es posible acceder a los mercados norteamericanos.


La certificación de compostabilidad industrial se basa en el estándar australiano AS 4736, mientras que AS 5810 aplica para certificar un producto compostable en el hogar. DIN CERTCO coopera con la Asociación de Bioplásticos de Australasia (ABA por sus siglas en inglés) en ambas certificaciones.


En Europa, el estándar para compostabilidad industrial es EN 13432. Para los productos de compostabilidad industrial, puede otorgarse la marca “DIN-Geprüft Compostable industrialmente”, además de la marca ya establecida de “Seedling”, la cuál es otorgada por DIN CERTCO bajo acuerdo con la asociación Europea de Bioplásticos (European Bioplastics) desde hace más de 20 años. Para los productos compostables en el hogar, se puede obtener la certificación “DIN-Geprüft Compostable en el hogar”, la cuál se basa en el estándar francés NF T 51-800.


Para el caso de compostabilidad industrial, se pueden aplicar los estándares ISO 17088 e ISO 18606. Para ello, es necesario que el país de interés cuente con una versión harmonizada de los estándares ISO mencionados.

Certification des produits/matériaux compostables et biosourcés par DIN CERTCO


Les standards applicables sont ASTM D 6400 ou ASTM D 6868.

Depuis 2017 DIN CERTCO coopère avec l’institut BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute).

Une certification BPI vous ouvre l’accès aux marchés nord-américain.


Les standards applicables sont AS 4736 pour compostage industriel et AS 5810 pour compostage domestique. DIN CERTCO coopère avec l’association ABA (Australasian Bioplastics Association).


Le standard européen du compostage industriel est EN

EN 13432. Nous offrons le signe « DIN-Geprüft industrial compostable » en plus du signe bien établé « Seedling », ce que DIN CERTCO délivre depuis plus de 20 ans en coopération avec European

Bioplastics. La base pour la certification avec le signe « DIN-Geprüft home compostable » pour le compostage domestique et la norme française NF T 51-800.


Les standards ISO 17088 et ISO 18606 peuvent être appliqués pour le compostage industriel si le pays a harmonisé ces standards ISO.

Safety and compliance for packages in contact with food

The food packaging industry is facing a dynamic legal environment and consumers that are sensitive with regards to health and sustainability. With our services, we help you to meet the expectations of all parties. We offer you a winning combination: fast turnaround time, affordability, extensive toxicological expertise, and a deep understanding of the packaging industry. Together we increase the safety, compliance, and sustainability of food packaging. Find our full service portfolio!


We are pleased to answer your questions

We are pleased to answer your questions

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