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Exporting to Morocco: We support you through the approval process | TÜV Rheinland

Exporting to Morocco – Benefit from our expertise

Gain access to new markets for your products

Exporting to Morocco means market access to a region with great potential. The country is located on Europe’s doorstep, while also being a bridge to the whole of North and West Africa. The Moroccan market itself, with a population of 36 million, is becoming increasingly important. The North African state is pro-reform and impresses with its political stability, relatively constant economic growth, and excellent infrastructure development.

Many European businesses want to benefit from the positive developments taking place in the Moroccan economy. However, only a few have market-access specialists or knowledge of local regulations and experience in dealing with local regulatory authorities.

We can provide you with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and experience to enable successful entry into the Moroccan market or to expand current trading activities in Morocco. Experts from DIN CERTCO are highly knowledgeable of local approval regulations. We are also an accredited certification body and are authorized to carry out pre-inspections and issue Certificates of Conformity for your shipments. We can provide the support you need to succeed in the Moroccan market.

Find out about the help we can give you with international approvals for shipping regulated goods to Morocco.

CoC on exporting goods – The prerequisite to success in Morocco

Do you want to export to Morocco? Then get your shipments verified with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The certificate documents that your products comply with Moroccan safety requirements.

Our experts have detailed knowledge of Morocco's many regulatory requirements and are in constant contact with the local regulatory authorities there. We support you in gaining access to the Moroccan market by enabling you to easily and cost-effectively obtain a Certificate of Conformity for your products. Certification of conformity with Moroccan requirements also means avoiding customs clearance delays and having confidence that your products will arrive safely and on time at their destination.

Martine Segener on licence regulations for Marocco

Martine Segener on licence regulations for Marocco

In this interview our expert for regulatory affairs in the Middle East and Africa, provides fascinating insights into the development of a lucrative growth market.

Four steps to a Certificate of Conformity for exporting to Morocco

The Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) has established a Verification of Conformity program to verify that products imported into Morocco comply with their national regulations on product quality and safety.

Did you know that pre-shipment inspections are required? Depending on the regulated product category, this takes place either in the country of origin/export or on Moroccan territory. In both cases, successful inspection and documentary checks will result in the issue of a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which states that the products to be delivered comply with the applicable standards and regulations.

Depending on the type and frequency of deliveries, it is also advisable to register the products or license plants to reduce the frequency of inspections. Our experts will help you to select the most appropriate option for your specific needs.

Certificate of Conformity for exporting to Morocco

Certificate of Conformity for exporting to Iraq

Issuing a Certificate of Conformity for exporting products to Morocco is a proven four-step procedure:

Reliable and authorized partner for exporting to Morocco
We provide services in over 500 locations and in many countries around the world. Benefit from our many years of extensive experience on legal requirements and certifications in practically every country in the world. We also have a strong partner network in Morocco and are familiar with the latest regulations there. For exporting to Morocco, put your trust in a strong partner and contact our experts at DIN CERTCO now!

Find out what product categories require a Certificate of Conformity for shipment to Morocco here.

Conformity inspections in the exporting country:

  • Automotive spare parts
  • Electrical products
  • Plastic products
  • Building materials
  • Leather, textiles and clothing
  • Products having contact with food
  • Chemicals
  • Gas stoves
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Children's toys
  • Household appliances

Conformity inspections in Morocco:

  • Automotive spare parts
  • Gas heaters
  • Building materials
  • Electrical products
  • Diapers for babies
  • Wood panels
  • Wire and concrete reinforcing iron
  • Carpets, rugs and upholstery fabrics
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

Do you want to find out all about the VOC ( Morocco verification scheme)?

Watch our on-demand webinar, where our approvals experts will explain all of the details to you

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Key application forms for exporting to Morocco

doc Product questionnaire for conformity 137 KB Download
docx Application for registration 703 KB Download
docx Application for licensing 703 KB Download

Further information on exporting to Morocco

pdf Verification of Conformity Program 1 MB Download

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