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Certification according to flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft will improve market prospects and provide savings on upcoming taxes. | TÜV Rheinland

"Circular Economy" signed and sealed - benefit from the DIN CERTCO certificate and our mark "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content

The trusted seal of approval for plastics recycling

Any manufacturer or marketer who uses primarily plastics in their products is almost automatically subject to criticism these days. Consumers and government institutions alike are pushing to use fewer plastics or the highest possible percentage of recycled plastic content.

Studies show that an overwhelming majority of consumers want less plastic in products and especially packaging, and prefer sustainable products. When plastics are used, the higher the percentage of recycled plastic, the more positively buyers rate the product. "Recycling seems to be in fashion" for the sake of our planet.

According to the European Council, specific recycling targets are set for packaging:

A demonstrably high recycling rate is a prerequisite for certain business models to still be accepted and lived in the future.

Convince consumers with products from recycling process

Prepare now for the upcoming regulatory requirements and convince consumers, your customers and cooperation partners today with your commitment to the "Circular Economy" e.g. by verified recycled content in your products made of plastic, glass or aluminum and paper or cardboard as well. The certification mark "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content" awarded by us gives you the opportunity to do so. Get your products certified! Make your own "Circular Economy" visible!

"DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content" with indication of recycled percentage widely recognized

The DIN certification for recyclates is suitable for products made from recycled material, such as plastics, glass and aluminum and paper or cardboard as well. This certification is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14021 "Recycled Material Content". Set yourself apart from the multitude of manufacturers' own declarations and take advantage of the benefits of certification by an independent and neutral body with "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content". Convince consumers, your customers and cooperation partners that you actively and effectively minimize the consumption of finite resources through recycling process.

How to obtain the "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content" certification mark

As a manufacturer or vender of products made of plastic, glass and aluminum and also paper or cardboard after recycling, just apply for a certification offered by DIN CERTCO. The audits are usually carried out by DIN CERTCO auditors or by cooperation partners recognized by our certification body worldwide. We bring together your documents, evaluate them and if the evaluation is successful, we issue you a certificate and thus grant the right to use the mark for your products and promotional activities.

We create confidence for your market success - Your advantages with "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content".

  • You gain the trust of consumers and strengthen your image
  • You can use the "DIN-Geprüft recycled content" mark in advertising and on your products
  • You can demonstrate to your business and sales partners that you comply with high environmental and quality standards
  • You document a high level of commitment to sustainability and waste avoidance
  • You benefit from the high level of awareness and transparency of DIN certifications

Benefiting from our reputation
As an independent certification body, DIN CERTCO assessments, evaluates and confirms compliance with the criteria for the certification mark "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content". Thanks to our proximity to the globally active testing and certification organization TÜV Rheinland and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) , we have two strong, renowned partners at our side. For the benefit of our clients, we use the international network of the TÜV Rheinland Group with more than 20,000 experts for testing, auditing and certification as well as more than 250 testing laboratories worldwide.

All of our approved and recognized inspectors and auditors for certification procedures have product-specific and manufacturing knowledge and experience, and are familiar with conducting audits as well as the specific standards and certification-relevant documents.

Three-Arrows Symbol and "DIN-Geprüft Recycled Content" - The sign of the "Circular Economy"!

Flyer for recyceled materials

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We are happy to answer your questions

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