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Barbecues burning solid fuels (Returnable barbecues)

Barbecues burning solid fuels (Returnable barbecues)

Barbecues burning solid fuels (Returnable barbecues)

Barbecues for solid fuels are commercially available since many years. To ensure a high level of consumer protection the requirements for the product safety have been established at European level. These requirements apply to all placed on the market or available in any other way for consumer products, independent of the shape of the marketing. Producers and distributors of barbecues are subject to the General Product Safety requirement. The safety of barbecues must be assessed taking into account all relevant aspects and more particularly to children and seniors, who are mostly posing a risk to health by the product dangers.

For this reason, there are some instructions to note in the production and in the use of barbecues: materials, design and construction of barbecues must ensure a safe use and trouble-free operation by using of solid fuels. In addition to the safe handling and the stability of barbecue as well a safe lighting and last but not least the burning characteristics of charcoal or charcoal briquettes are essential for a relaxed barbecue pleasure.

Tested is good - DINplus certified is better!

DINplus certification

Since 20 years now DIN CERTCO as a competent partner certifies the quality and safety of barbecue products. Even today the DIN mark is the decision criterion when buying barbecue products and therefore enjoys high priority at traders and consumers.

For a comprehensive product portfolio in the barbecue range DIN CERTCO offers in addition to the certification of firelighters, c harcoal and charcoal briquettes and single use barbecues the DINplus certification of barbecues burning solid fuels. This is an interesting alternative for producers and distributors to offer consumers in addition to safety and quality of these products an attractive customer service.

Testing and certification

The certification is based on the results of product testing in accordance with the European Standard and in additional with international standard:

  • DIN EN 1860-1 "Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecueing – Part 1: Barbecues burning solid fuels – Requirements and test methods“
  • DIN EN ISO 13732-1 “Ergonomics of the thermal environment – Methods for the assessment of human responses to contact with surfaces – Part 1: Hot surfaces”

and a review of the quality assurance system in the producing facilities carried out each year by an inspector of DIN CERTCO or an organization recognized by DIN CERTCO. Here are proofed procedures for continuous self-monitoring of the quality in the production. All the necessary laboratory tests are carried out according to standardized test methods and by an independent testing laboratory. To ensure a safe and long-term use of barbecues for solid fuels is required from producers and distributors of barbecues a customer service like for example warranty service including delivery of equipment parts, service before purchase and technical support after purchase of barbecues as well complaints service.

Testing and assessment

The barbecues are for their thermal and dynamic properties in order to ensure the smooth functioning and safe use. The combustibility, the stability of the product will also be examined as part of product testing according to the European Standard. In addition based on the international standard DIN EN ISO 13732-1 the surface temperature is measured on the site or at the points of the product, when humans could or might touch hot surfaces with their unprotected skin.

Only the barbecues can be certified, which have confirmed their compliance with the safety requirements by a successful passed technical examination and by subsequent neutral assessment of test results and the customer service is offered.

After a positive conformity assessment DIN CERTCO issues a certificate, which has a validity of 5 years. This certificate can be renewed on request for 5 years more. An individual registration number on the certificate protects against misusing of the DIN mark.

All DIN CERTCO certificate holders can be viewed on a daily basis under www.dincertco.de


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