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Desiccant Bags

Desiccant Bags

according to DIN 55473

Desiccant bags protect sensitive goods against moisture during transportation and storage and can therefore prevent corrosion and the formation of mould. Their adsorbent character makes safe and high-quality desiccant bags an essential packaging resource for the national and international shipment of goods.

Use the DIN-Geprüft mark for desiccant bags to show your customers that you manufacture products of consistently high quality and have an internal production control system. And if you are a distributor, you can advertise DIN-Geprüft desiccant bags under your own name as a sub-licence holder as well.

Basis of Testing and Certification

The German standard DIN 55473 "Auxiliary means of packaging - Desiccant in bag" describes the product features of high-quality desiccant bags. Further testing and certification specifications are included in the DIN CERTCO certification scheme, in the applicable schedule of fees and in the DIN CERTCO General Terms and Conditions.

Testing and Assessment

DIN Geprüft

The initial certification involves a factory or rather warehouse inspection and independent sampling for testing of the desiccant, the non-woven and the group packaging according to DIN 55473. The following tests are subsequently carried out by a DIN CERTCO-recognized testing laboratory:

  • pH value and electrical conductivity of the aqueous extract
  • Water-soluble substance content
  • Particle size
  • Adsorption capacity
  • Volume and weight
  • Adsorption speed
  • Dust permeability
  • Strength of the bag
  • Water vapor permeability of the group packaging
  • Number of desiccant bags per group packaging
  • Marking of desiccant bags
  • Marking of group packaging

For distributors (sub-licence holders) the amount of testing is significantly less. You will find more information regarding to this in the certification scheme „Desiccant bags".

After successful testing and conformity assessment of the provided documents DIN CERTCO issues a certificate with a validity of 5 years. At the same time you will be granted the right to use the „DIN-Geprüft" mark in connection with an individual registration number.

An up-to-date list of all certificate holders is published on the DIN CERTCO website.


DIN CERTCO is monitoring the compliance with the requirements defined in the standard and the certification scheme in the production facilities or rather warehouses regularly.

The surveillance is guaranteed through an annual factory or rather warehouse inspection as well as sampling with subsequent laboratory testing. During this inspection the implementation of the standard and the quality assurance measures with regard to the production-related internal controls are monitored and checked.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you. Would you like to learn more about the certification of desiccant bags? Our experts will be happy to inform you personally. Contact us today!

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What changes result from the new DIN standard for desiccant bags DIN 55473:2021-07?

Update of DIN 55473:2021-07 Packaging aids - Desiccant bags - Technical delivery conditions

This document applies to adsorptive desiccants in sufficiently water vapor permeable bags for use in packages with low water vapor permeability. The purpose of these specifications is to provide uniform standards for evaluating the performance of desiccant bags. Desiccant bags should protect the packaged goods from excessive humidity during transport and storage to prevent corrosion, mold growth and the like. This document was revised by the working committee NA 115-03-04 AA "Desiccants" of the DIN Standards Committee on Packaging (NAVp).

Changes to DIN 55473:2021-07

Compared to DIN 55473:2015-12, the following changes have been made: a) Update from TL 6685-0003 Issue 5 to Issue 6; b) Document adapted to current design rules.

Changes to TL 6685-0003 Issue 6

Environmental compatibility

During manufacture and operation, the laws, legal ordinances, administrative regulations and technical rules and standards in the field of environmental and hazardous substances legislation must be complied with. This applies in particular to compliance with statutory limits and prohibitions on manufacture and use. The use of substances of very high concern according to REACH must be avoided. Environmental compatibility, like technical safety, is a quality feature, whereby the minimum requirement is compliance with existing regulations / laws. The state of the art is to be observed, the state of the art in science is to be strived for as long as this does not require a technical change in the design. The identification of more environmentally friendly/environmentally compatible alternatives is to be regulated in a separate contract, if necessary, depending on the scope. The preparation of a recycling/disposal concept including the indication of the legally compliant disposal routes and the waste code numbers according to the AVV Waste Catalogue Ordinance must be offered if a take-back by the manufacturer has not been agreed. In many cases, reference is made at this point to the disposal/recycling procedures in accordance with Annexes 1 and 2 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act. The manufacturer is prepared to make a contractual arrangement for the return of used parts/waste materials, e.g. in the case of commercially available packaging material/batteries. If additional hazardous substances are used in addition to those already contained in the defense material (list of hazardous substances, development status), these must be specified. Furthermore, sustainably produced or recycled raw materials are to be used as far as possible.

Technical requirements - Indicator material

The indicator must be free of cobalt-II(di)-chloride.

What are the concrete changes for you?

• The new standard is binding for all new dry bags to be tested for which the DIN mark is to be applied for.

• All existing DIN certificates based on the old standard DIN 55473:2015-12 must be converted to the new standard for renewal at the latest. On request, however, this can also be done earlier.

• All certificate holders must demonstrate a plan for the implementation of DIN 55473:2015-12 (change of the indicator to the indicator cobalt-II(di)-chloride-free) during the next surveillance audit.

• Changes or extensions of DIN-certified products must be carried out according to the new standard.

• The experts of DIN CERTCO are ready. Our employees know the changes in detail and will be happy to answer your specific questions.


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Desiccant Bags

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