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DINplus Biowaste Bags

Biowaste Bags DINplus

DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH offers certification of industrially compostable products made of biodegradable materials. For that, we offer the marks “DIN-Geprüft industrial compostable” and the “Seedling” compostability mark, developed and protected by European Bioplastics referring to an individual registration number. Both marks can be used in parallel or as single marks.

For a while, the disintegration time of max. 12 weeks is discussed in Germany and in the value chain. This time may be too long in composting facilities compared to real life conditions and not state-of-the-art anymore.

The „DINplus Biowaste Bags“ certification scheme deals with these topics, referring to a shortened composting duration of max. 6 weeks –on top of the DIN EN 13432 and DIN EN 14995 certification of biowaste bags in line with the German Biowaste Ordinance.

Certification can be based on the following standards:

DINplus Biowaste Bags
DIN EN 13432 „Packaging - Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation - Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging“

DIN EN 14995 „Plastics - Evaluation of compostability - Test scheme and specifications“

Possible additionally as basis for assessment
ISO 17088 „Specifications for compostable plastics"
ISO 18606 „Packaging and environment – Organic recycling”
AS 4736 „Biodegradable Plastics – Biodegradable Plastics suitable for Composting and other microbial Treatment“

Test scheme

According to the standards mentioned above the following tests are required:

  • Chemical characterization (Heavy metals and other toxic substances)
  • Ultimate biodegradability
  • Compostability under industrial composting conditions with no more than 6 weeks
  • Quality of the compost (plant ecotoxicity with 2 plant species)
  • Infrared-Spectra

For certification against AS 4736 additionally an Earthworm toxicity test is required.

Die to the modular certification schemes minimizing the testing efforts is possible, e.g. when using already registered materials or certified additives.


DINplus Biowaste Bags

Biowaste bags brought onto the market can be certified. Certification is valid for 5 years and the certificate holder is granted the right to use the mark.

Verification testing

All certified biowaste bags are frequently verified by means of annual recording of Infrared-(IR)-spectra. Additionally, a chemical characterization is required once during the lifetime of the certificate.

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