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Translation Services

Translation Services

Nowadays, the requirements for technical and linguistic correctly translations are a matter of course. But how can the customer be convinced of the quality of the delivered translation when he is not able to review it in detail?

From Standard DIN EN 15038 to Standard DIN EN ISO 17100

The quality standards for translators have been further developed at international level. The DIN EN 15038 "Translation services - Service requirements, Industry Standard, which was valid until recently, was replaced in May 2016 by the

Looking back on the previous DIN EN 15038, requirements, processes and skills from the following fields are addressed or defined in more detail for the first time:

  • Personnel and technical resources
  • Quality and project management
  • Contractual framework
  • Work processes and additional services offered services offered

The international DIN EN ISO 17100 standard is aimed at translation service providers and their clients, but, as was also the case with the previous DIN EN 15038 standard, may not be used by interpreters.

The aim of the DIN EN ISO is to create transparency when rendering translation services and thus to offer support both for the Client and Contractor. Using the standard as a basis for the contract is a matter for the contracting parties concerned.

Use of the DIN-registration for Translation Service Providers


Translation service providers can have their services registered for recognition at DIN CERTCO with the DIN EN ISO Association Mark. This involves the making of an independently submitted translator's declaration of conformity with the standard.

The Procedure for Registration

Any translation service provider, which offers its services as per DIN EN ISO 17100 and in so doing complies with the requirements of this standard, can be registered.

Interested service providers should submit their registration application to DIN CERTCO and also provide a conformity declaration. The service provider then receives notification of registration and a registration number as well as the right to use the association mark, which it may use in conjunction with the registration number that has been received to identify its translation services.

Openness and Transparency
All DIN EN ISO association mark registered translation service providers can be looked up on the DIN CERTCO homepage at any time and you will find all documents at "Downloads".


The registration is valid for an unlimited period, provided that the service provider observes the conditions of registration.

  • There are lots of good reasons for a DIN registration.
  • Translation services in conformity with standards
  • Clear differentiation in the competitive environment
  • Confidence of the market and people thanks to a mark which visibly makes a difference
  • A decision-making and guideline for your clients in a complex market


pdf Application Form for Registration 242 KB Download
pdf Schedule of fees 219 KB Download
PDF Rules on use of the DIN EN Collective Mark 39 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download
pdf Brochure "Registration of Translation Services" 464 KB Download

Registration Holders

Translation Services

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