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Development of new Certification Schemes

Development of new Certification Schemes

Do you aim to prove the quality, safety and reliability of your products or services to your customers? Do you want to do this using a quality mark that is already internationally known and recognized? You are looking for an experienced and recognized certification partner that will work out a quality standard together with you for your products as a basis for a DIN certification?

If so, DIN CERTCO – with a broad range of certification competencies – is your company for conformity assessment.

With a certification from DIN CERTCO and the use of the recognized DIN mark, you will improve the confidence placed in you, set yourself apart from your competitors and tap into new markets.

Contents of the DIN Certification Schemes

The certification schemes developed by DIN CERTCO - where applicable with the participation of other interested parties - and accompanying documents serve as a basis for DIN certification and contain determinations including the following:

  • Certification background
  • Basis of the test (standards, etc.)
  • Requirements and quality criteria placed on the product (What is the content of the test and certification?)
  • Determinations on sampling and conducting the test, if not already set forth in standards
  • Possible requirements for the in-house product control
  • The certification mark to be issued and the validity of the certificate
  • Composition of the registration number
  • The monitoring measures (monitoring tests and audit, where applicable)
  • Information on application
  • If needed, technical data sheet

Here, the following principles determine the certification work: Voluntariness, publicity, broad participation, consensus, uniformity, consistency, objectivity, state of scientific knowledge, state of technology, cost effectiveness, general benefit, internationality.

The Path to the DIN Certification Scheme

The Path to the DIN Certification Scheme

Both we and our customers have an interest in DIN certification becoming established on the market with the greatest possible degree of success, and developing into an industry standard. For this reason, the following process steps have proven their effectiveness when drawing up new certification schemes from the idea until market launch:

  • Consultation about the process, including determination of the scope and quality level. The objective is a brief written specification of the content and scope of the planned DIN certification by the applicant, to be submitted and evaluated by DIN CERTCO (free of charge)
  • Internal evaluation of the project, including market research and initial calculations for development and later certification
  • Application for development of a certification scheme by the applicant
  • Where applicable, founding of a certification committee with the participation of stakeholders (e.g. manufacturers, consumers, retailers, universities, insurers, authorities, testing laboratories).
  • Drawing up of a certification scheme, including all documents relevant to certification (fee according to calculated expenses, which, if needed, can be calculated with the application)
  • Internal approval of certification documents and implementation of the certification system
  • Publication of the certification scheme and market launch

Benefits of DIN Certification Schemes

Benefits of DIN Certification Schemes

DIN CERTCO is the certification company of the TÜV Rheinland Group and is highly regarded both within the country and abroad, due to its independence, neutrality, competence and years of experience.

  • DIN marks are internationally recognized and trustworthy brands for consumers, retailers, industry, as well as public tender authorities.
  • We develop appropriate and market-driven certification schemes precisely within the scope deemed necessary by stakeholders.
  • We provide support in selecting suitable certification schemes and certification processes.
  • Our services and quality marks are open to anyone who meets and maintains the agreed criteria.
  • We prove our certification competence through our accreditations, both for those that are voluntary and for those that are legally regulated.
  • The test, audits and certifications are conducted by independent neutral third parties. Due to our broad certification spectrum, we partner with over 160 testing laboratories that we have recognized.
  • Information and transparency through a publicly available basis for certification. All certification documents, as well as General Terms and Conditions, certification schemes, directives, product information and tips on the certification process can be accessed on the internet.
  • Our certification schemes can be quickly and flexibly adapted.
  • We actively support DIN in its standardization activity, because a share of certification revenue flows back into standardization.
  • An up-to-date list of our certifications can be viewed on the internet.
  • Via company logos you can make quick contact with manufacturers of certified products and services. This enables public control of the abuse of marks, which we actively prosecute.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is authorized to Grant the DIN Mark?

Worldwide, only DIN CERTCO is authorized to grant the DIN mark.

For what can the DIN marks be granted?

The DIN marks can generally be granted for all products, persons, services and specialist operations.

Who can submit an application for development of a certification scheme to DIN CERTCO?

This is always possible for all companies, interest communities and quality control associations who want to define an industry standard for the companies of a certain industry in the form of a DIN certification. Unfortunately, corresponding solutions for individual companies are not possible.

How are the property rights for the DIN certification schemes regulated?

DIN CERTCO, as the issuer of the certification schemes or specifications serving as the basis for the certification activity, is authorized to assert any and all property rights hereto. This also applies, for instance, if they were produced with the participation of a certification committee.

As is typical in standardization, all employees involved as coauthors waive their rights of use of the property arising from their participation in the results of this work, and transfer them exclusively, irrevocably and free of charge to DIN CERTCO.


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We´re looking forward to your message

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