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Refurbishment of Drainage Systems on Private Grounds

Qualified Enterprises for the Refurbishment of Drainage Systems on Private Grounds

The provision of drainage for rainwater and wastewater is today accepted as a matter of course. However, responsibility not only lies with the public authorities, but also with each individual property owner. According to legislation, each property owner is considered an operator, and is therefore responsible for the correct construction, operation and maintenance of drainage systems on private grounds. This applies even if the consequences of a faulty drainage system (such as a flooded basement) are not immediately obvious.

Trust is good - DIN-Geprüft is better!

DIN-Geprüft - Refurbishment of Drainage Systems on Private Grounds

To help customers make decisions relating to the refurbishment of a faulty drainage system, DIN CERTCO and the certification body ZA-GEA have jointly developed a special certification scheme for qualified enterprises that provide refurbishment services for drainage systems. This certification scheme sets out a checklist of quality requirements imposed on the refurbishment methods and the qualified enterprise themselves. An auditor is then appointed to confirm compliance with this checklist.

The benefits at a glance

This approach provides objective evaluation standards to ensure that customers are receiving a high-quality service and the professional refurbishment of their drainage system.

This allows the DIN-certified qualified enterprise to document its quality and trustworthiness.

The DIN certificate and quality mark set the certified qualified enterprise apart from its competitors. Through a series of regular monitoring, DIN CERTCO ensures that the quality level of the qualified enterprise and its employees remains high.

The Way to the Mark

The inspection and certification process comprises four elements, with the inspection itself performed by an auditor approved by DIN CERTCO:

  1. Document review
    Upon application, an enterprise must provide self-declaration and other documents (for example, its quality management manual and proof of required staff qualifications). This information is then used to determine whether the enterprise meets the prerequisites for the desired certification and for on-site inspection.
  2. On-site inspection
    • Audit meeting with the responsible manager or the qualified staff, and appraisal of the quality assurance system at the qualified enterprise
    • Assessment of facility, equipment, etc.
    • Inspection of at least one refurbished property
    • Check of the self-declarations and documents submitted by the qualified enterprise
  3. Assessment and certification
    Based on the inspection report and application documents submitted, DIN CERTCO evaluates whether the qualified enterprise meets all requirements set out in the certification scheme. If the evaluation is positive, the enterprise is awarded a certificate and permission to use the mark "DIN-Geprüft Qualified Enterprise for the Refurbishment of Drainage Systems on Private Ground".
  4. Monitoring
    DIN-Geprüft qualified enterprises are subject to ongoing monitoring by DIN CERTCO while the certificate remains valid (5 years). During this time, audits and document inspections are used to determine whether the enterprise continues to meet the set requirements.
    To maintain the validity of certification, the certificate holder is also obliged to inform DIN CERTCO of any changes that could impact on the certification and that involve a reduction or expansion of the certified qualified enterprise or the responsible staff qualifications. This information may result in the need for a new audit.


pdf Application Fachbetrieb Sanierung GEA (only Germany) 240 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme Fachbetrieb Sanierung GEA (only German) 311 KB Download
pdf Schedule of Fees Fachbetrieb Sanierung GEA (only German) 125 KB Download
pdf Annex Certifcation Scheme Fachbetrieb Sanierung GEA (only German) 307 KB Download
pdf Flyer Fachbetrieb Sanierung GEA (only German) 465 KB Download
pdf Testing-, Registration- and Certification Regulations 320 KB Download
pdf Gerneral Terms of Condition 327 KB Download


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