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Wood Briquettes for Non-Industrial Use

Wood Briquettes for Non-Industrial Use

DIN CERTCO has been tested and certified wood briquettes of different shapes and sizes being found primarily in home improvement markets for more than 20 years. The DINplus quality mark from DIN CERTCO has guaranteed compliance with the standardised requirements for these products for many years. With the publication of the revised Part 3 of DIN EN ISO 17225 in 2021, the requirements for these biogenic solid fuels will be raised to an international level and once again adapted to the state of the art.

DIN EN ISO 17225-3 new since 2021

DIN EN 14961-3 - briquettes

In Juni 2021 the revised international standard for wood briquettes DIN EN ISO 17225-3 took effect. DIN CERTCO is continuing its certification of wood briquettes in accordance with the requirements of property class A1 of DIN EN ISO 17225-3, thereby certifying the proven quality of the wood briquettes.

In addition to the standardized requirements this certification is currently the one and only certification of wood briquettes envisaging a regular analysis of the abrasion behavior of wood briquettes. One more reason to assign the "DINplus" quality mark for these products.

Testing and Certification

Testing and certification of wood briquettes is described by DIN CERTCO in the corresponding Certification Scheme “Wood briquettes”. The testing standards for the products are the international ISO Standards as follows:

  • DIN EN ISO 17225-3 “Solid biofuels - Fuel specifications and classes - Part 3: Graded wood briquettes” - Property class A1
  • DIN EN ISO 17831-2 “Solid fuels – Determination of mechanical durability of pellets and briquettes – Part 2: Briquettes”

These standards define the following requirements and test methods for wood briquettes. These criteria are main matter of the testing:

  • Origin and source of the wood used
  • Diameter, width, length and shape
  • Moisture contenT
  • Ash content
  • Particle density
  • Additives (type and quantity)
  • Calorific value
  • Permissible limits for N, S, Cl, As Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Hg
  • Labelling
  • Mechanical durability

Testing and Assessment

All laboratory tests are carried out on a basis of standardized test methods by an independent body.

Only these wood briquettes which prove their compliance with property class A1 of the international standard ISO 17225-3 as well their abrasion behavior is tested and done by testing laboratory being approved by DIN CERTCO , including neutral conformity assessment may be applied with the quality mark "DINplus".

After a successful assessment DIN CERTCO will issue a certificate with a validity for 2 years more. The registration number for an explicit identification of the certified product is for example as follows: 9H000:

All certificate holders are conducted in a public list, which is available free of charge at any time on our website under “Certificate Holder”.

Monitoring and Renewal

Each such certificate can be renewed upon application for two years more if the laboratory tests confirm once again the compliance with the mentioned requirements. Wood briquettes marked with the DINplus are therefore matter of annual quality control as well before renewal of certification a monitoring of products sited on the market takes place. Product samples are taken there and analysed in the laboratory.


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