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Exporting to Kuwait

Start exporting to Kuwait with a Technical Inspection Report from DIN CERTCO

Kuwait is the third most important market for German goods after the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a manufacturer, you can benefit from this strong market and secure the necessary credentials to export your products to Kuwait. All you need is a Technical Inspection Report (TIR) which serves as proof of the conformity of your products with Kuwait's technical requirements and is to be submitted to the customs authorities upon import.

We are authorized to issue TIR’s for exporting to Kuwait. Based on these, certificates of conformity are then drawn up by the "Public Authority for Industry" in Kuwait.

Tap into a new market and increase your sales with a Technical Inspection Report for Kuwait. Contact us now! We are happy to support you with this international approval for Kuwait.

Access the economically strong market of Kuwait with a Technical Inspection Report

As a manufacturer, if you want to export your goods to Kuwait you need a valid Technical Inspection Report in compliance with the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS) introduced in Kuwait in 2006. We guarantee you a hassle-free and fast issuance of your TIR and support you with the entry into the Kuwaiti market. Benefit from an internationally recognized verification, take advantage of Kuwait's economic success and increase your sales.

Your Technical Inspection Report for exporting goods to Kuwait in five steps

For the preparation of your Technical Inspection Report for Kuwait, we proceed as follows:

  1. Receipt of your application by DIN CERTCO
  2. Inspection of the technical documentation and, where applicable, the goods
  3. Product registration
  4. Pre-shipment inspection
  5. Issuance of the Technical Inspection Report

Our Technical Inspection Reports for Kuwait include the following product categories:

  1. Household appliances and commercially available electrical and gas appliances
  2. Other (facial tissues, tobacco products, melamine dinnerware)

Discover how simple and inexpensive you can benefit from our offer in a personal interview with our experts. We are looking forward to your contact request.

TIR for exporting to Kuwait

We are your reliable and accredited partner for exporting to Kuwait

Since 2008, DIN CERTCO, a subsidiary of the TÜV Rheinland Group, has been a notified body by the Public Authority for Industry (PAI). DIN CERTCO is authorized to complete the required Technical Inspection Reports (TIRs) and to issue the corresponding certificates for products being imported into Kuwait.

Our experts have years of extensive experience with the global legal requirements and are the right partner for the exporting of your goods to Kuwait. Contact us now.

FAQ – What to consider when exporting to Kuwait

Would you like to learn more about exporting your products to Kuwait? Below are the answers to several frequently asked questions.

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1. Which institution is responsible for proof of conformity in Kuwait?

The Public Authority of Industry (PAI) is responsible for the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS). Through the program, regulated products from certain categories are tested in accordance with Kuwait’s technical requirements. Proof of conformity is provided in the form of a Technical Inspection Report (TIR), which is issued by DIN CERTCO after a positive evaluation.

2. What is the DIN CERTCO procedure for preparing a Technical Inspection Report?

The preparation of your Technical Inspection Report follows a five-step process. Initially, you send us an application form, and we then check the technical documentation and, if necessary, the products. After a product registration and, possibly, a shipment control, we issue you a Technical Inspection Report for Kuwait.

3. Which documents do I have to submit to DIN CERTCO for the application?

The application form test reports and, if necessary, product descriptions and instructions should be submitted, if these are not yet available.

4. Why are my goods subject to an additional inspection before export to Kuwait?

With a pre-shipment inspection , we check whether your export goods comply with the official regulations in Kuwait and correspond to the description in the export documents.

5. What happens if I do not have a TIR for my products?

In such a case, the delivery of goods will be inspected in Kuwaiti laboratories by the Public Authority for Industry (PAI). If they meet with Kuwait's requirements, the shipment will be released. If the goods do not meet the requirements of the KUCAS, the shipment is rejected. With a Technical Inspection Report you can avoid delays in delivery, additional costs and the risk of product refusal.

6. Do I need a separate TIR for each product?

No, a Technical Inspection Report may include several products of a delivery.

7. Can a TIR be reused for repeated imports of the same products to Kuwait?

If the same products are shipped again, a new Technical Inspection Report must be issued. Repeated inspection is necessary for this, but it does not have to be comprehensively evaluated and registered. For renewed delivery, please submit the application form and your delivery documents, such as the invoice.

8. Do I need a Technical Inspection Report (TIR) for exporting to Kuwait?

This has to be checked individually. Currently, the requirements change quite often. For electrical household products, it is very likely that a TIR is necessary.

Did you not find your question? Then contact one of our experts - we will be glad to help you.

Further information on exporting to Kuwait

doc Application form – Technical Inspection Report for Kuwait 486 KB Download
pdf Questionnaire – Granting a Technical Inspection Report 75 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Market Approval for Arabian Gulf States 387 KB Download
pdf FAQ – Exporting to Kuwait 252 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions – DIN CERTCO 327 KB Download

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