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TÜV Rheinland - PAS 1075

Pressure pipes made of PE 100-RC according to PAS 1075

Piping systems for alternative installation techniques

For more than six decades, plastic pipes have been used successfully in gas and drinking water supply, wastewater disposal, sanitary and heating installation as well as industrial plant engineering. The deciding factor in particular is the long lifetime of up to 100 years proven on basis of international standards.

Plastic pipes made of PE 100-RC offer a considerably higher resistance to slow crack growth in comparison to pipes made of PE 80 and PE 100. Due to their high stress cracking and point loading resistance, sand embedding is no longer mandatory for safe operation of these pipes. Instead, alternative installation techniques such as installation without sand em-bedding with reuse of excavated soil when laying in open trench can be used. Moreover, also methods of trenchless installation such as burst lining with associated economic benefits are applicable.

Development of PAS 1075

Already in 2009, when PAS 1075 was introduced, DIN CERTCO established the corresponding DINplus certification of pressure pipes made of PE 100-RC for alternative installation techniques according to PAS 1075:2009-04 "Pipes made from Polyethylene for alternative installation techniques - Dimensions, technical requirements and testing".

The theoretical knowledge and practical experience ob-tained in the past 10 years has been included in DIN CERTCO Certification Scheme Plastic Piping Systems (Pressure pipes and fittings), which uniquely reflects the current techno-logical and scientific status to assure highest quality and safety in this field.

This is why grid operators and planners, whether in Germany, in Europe or worldwide, rely on the DINplus certification of pressure pipes made of PE 100-RC for alternative installation techniques according to PAS 1075.

By means of DIN CERTCO Certification Database at www.dincertco.tuv.com , all valid certifications can be viewed transparently on a daily basis by using the keyword “PAS 1075”.

Testing and certification

TÜV Rheinland - PAS 1075 Alternative installation

Before granting a certification, an initial inspection of the production site is carried out by DIN CERTCO. Later on, the production site is inspected by DIN CERTCO twice a year. The inspection audit includes the inspection of production, laboratory, factory production con-trol and quality management as well as sampling of pipes for audit testing.

The type testing as well as the audit testing is carried out only by competent testing laboratories recognized by DIN CERTCO. The mandatory testing programme depends on the certified wall thickness range and includes testing of stress cracking behavior and point loading tests. For specific applications, penetration tests and scratch tests are also required. The involved testing laboratories have proven their competence on basis of a corresponding accreditation according to ISO 17025 and an extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

There are lots of good reasons for a DIN CERTCO-certification.

  • Provide evidence of your superior quality
  • Clearly set yourself apart in the competitive environment
  • Help your customers make a decision by an international mark with high reputation
  • As a neutral third party, DIN CERTCO backs up your quality assertions
  • Provide evidence of tender requirements in the voluntary and legally obliged field
  • Quicker market access for innovative products
  • Control the quality of basic materials.
  • Use of a strong international network of testing laboratories and cooperation partner like KRV and DVGW

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you. Would you like to learn more about the certification of pressure pipes according to PAS 1075? We would be happy to help you!

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The PAS 1075 was withdrawn by DIN. What does this mean for the DINplus certification?

The PAS 1075 was withdrawn this year by DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. The reason for the withdrawal is that the document type PAS (Publically Available Specification) will no longer exist at DIN in the future and therefore all PAS documents were withdrawn centrally. The similar documents are now called DIN SPEC (DIN Specification). There is currently no DIN SPEC with the contents of PAS 1075.

However, this does not mean that the subject of PAS 1075 is no longer relevant - quite the contrary! Also the PAS 1075 can still be purchased as a historical document from Beuth-Verlag. All essential contents have already been integrated into our DIN CERTCO certification scheme over the last 10 years, so that this document, like the current DIN-certified pressure pipes made of PE 100-RC, reflects the current state of the art and is of course still valid.

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