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Export to Uganda

Export to Uganda

Start exporting to Uganda with Pre-Export Certificate of Conformity (PVoC) from DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland

Uganda is an interesting market that has grown steadily within the last years. Among other things, high economic growth rates, political stability and low wages are the reasons why more and more companies want to import their products to Uganda. As a manufacturer, you can benefit from this economic upswing by exporting your goods to Uganda. All you need is a Pre-Export Certificate of Conformity (PVoC). For a secure market entry, it is first necessary to recognise the various regulatory requirements and have the necessary tests and inspections carried out. Since June, TÜV Rheinland has been authorised by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to issue Pre-Export Conformity Certificates (PVoC).

The following products are subject to compulsory UNBS approval

  • Toys
  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Selected machines
  • Automobiles
  • Chemical products (including cosmetics)
  • Mechanical materials and gas appliances
  • Textiles, leather, plastics and rubber
  • Furniture (wood and metal)
  • Paper and office supplies
  • Protective equipment
  • Foodstuff and products
  • Used goods

We create trust for your market success!

Our experts can help you ensure that your products comply with UNBS regulations and are eligible for PVoC certification.

Your successful certification gives you access to the Ugandan market, helps you avoid customs delays and reduces your risk of significant potential losses from importing non-compliant products that are prohibited for distribution to consumers.

We offer exporters the individual support they need to enter the Ugandan market. The path to successful certification often depends on both the parties and the products. Therefore, specific routes to certification have been defined.

The way to your certification

Type of customer Details to the certification process
Certification process A
  • Dealers / Exporters
  • Manufacturer
  • Document and physical verification
Certification process B
  • Dealers who deliver frequently
  • Manufacturer
  • registration
Certification process C
  • Manufacturer
  • Authorised sales partners
  • licensing
Certification process D
  • Carriers/forwarding agents
registered consolidators

Depending on the certification path that is best for you, we can offer one or more combinations of the following services:

  • Physical inspection of the goods before shipping
  • Testing and analysis in our accredited laboratories
  • Auditing of your manufacturing processes
  • Document verification and conformity assessment according to prescribed regulations and standards that are relevant for your products.

National deviations from Uganda

  • Plug type: G
  • marking and labelling of products must be in the English language
  • Voltage 240 V
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Shelf life limit for non-food items: 50% from expiration date
  • Shelf life limit for foodstuffs: 75% from the expiry date

The following steps are necessary:

  • Inquiry is checked whether the products are subject to the mandatory UNBS approval
  • Verification of the technical documentation
  • Consignment check in the export country
  • Container closure, if applicable
  • Issue of the Pre-Export Certificate of Conformity (PVoC)
  • UNBS inspectors inspect the consignment and release it for placing on the market
  • Market entry in Uganda

Graphic illustration

Important documents for the market access to Uganda

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We´re looking forward to your message

We´re looking forward to your message

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