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DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

DIN-certified Coating Inspectors

Gain professional knowledge through our personal certification as a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

Corrosion damage still causes major economic losses throughout the economy. Firstly, through costly repair measures, and secondly through production losses. Corrosion protection measures help to avoid or minimize these losses. For most of the metals to be protected against corrosion, coating systems and coatings are used.

Coatings can only effectively protect against corrosion, however, if they are done properly. This requires special knowledge about types and signs of corrosion as well as the protective measures to be taken. Through training and further education as a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector, you or one of your employees will obtain the necessary knowledge.

The certification program "DIN-Certified Coating Inspector / Surface Treatment Inspector" is the testing specification for the DIN certification for coating inspectors. Through cooperation with our training partners, we provide training and testing sites for this certification in Germany and Austria. Register now with a suitable training partner and find a convenient examination date!

DIN-Certified Coating Inspector - create trust with customers with professional corrosion protection

DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

With a certification as a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector / Surface Treatment Inspector, you or your staff will acquire the required corrosion protection technical knowledge and, thus, deeper, practical experience. As a qualified coating inspector, you have the practical skills to select and apply corrosion protection systems.

Therefore, not only can you be sure that your steel structures resist corrosion. With a personal certification, DIN-Certified Coating Inspectors have the qualification and necessary knowledge to document the corrosion protection for your customers.

Three steps to becoming a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

Our DIN certification as a coating inspector is made in cooperation with our training partners in the following three steps:

  1. Application
    In order to apply for a certification, an application and certain forms of proof must be submitted in writing to DIN CERTCO.
  2. Testing & Certification
    Through our training partners, the required knowledge and the necessary practical skills for coating inspectors are taught within the framework of a 10-day course "Coating Inspectors / Surface Treatment Inspectors".

    Afterwards, proof of the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills will be given in the form of a written and practical examination.

    If the test results are positive, DIN CERTCO will issue you a certificate with a validity of five years. As a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector, you will also receive an ID to document your qualification on the construction site.
  3. Maintaining the technical expertise
    As a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector, you must regularly demonstrate throughout the validity period of the certificate, that you use your knowledge and skills. Once the validity period of the certificate has expired, the certificate can be renewed for an additional five years, provided that you fulfill the prerequisites.

Coating inspector certification

Process for the certification as a coating inspector

Your accredited partner for a qualification as a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

The accredited training partners of DIN CERTCO provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain a DIN certificate in a 10-day course. We remain by your side on your way to becoming a certified coating inspector.

We will answer your organizational and technical questions.

Documents for the certification as a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

pdf Application Form – DIN-Geprüft Surface Treatment Inspector 119 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme DIN-Geprüft Surface Treatment Inspector 452 KB Download
pdf Schedule of Fees Surface Treatment Inspectors 217 KB Download
pdf Brochure 469 KB Download
pdf Leaflet Evidence Surface Treatment Inspector 152 KB Download
pdf Testing-, Registration- and Certification Regulations 320 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the certification for?

To all as self-employed, employees, private persons, who are or would like to be active in the field of corrosion protection/coating or surface technology.

Advantages as „DIN-Geprüft Beschichtungsinspektor”/ DIN-certified Coatingt Inspector?

  • Additional training courses with a final examination and confirmation by means of a certificate and an ID card by an independent third party
  • Recognized further training courses with high qualification requirements and their safeguarding, which is increasingly called for it tenders
  • With the internationally recognized and protected DIN mark you can stand out from the market In addition, you receive the right to use the mark „ DIN-Geprüft Beschichtungsinspektor“ (DIN-certified Coating Inspector)
  • Inclusion in our online database as a “DIN-Geprüft Beschichtungsinspector” (DIN-certified Coating Inspector) including the representation of your company logo
  • Due to the cooperation with IKS and OFI you have strong training partners and experts on your side
  • DIN CERTCO as independent and neutral certification body confirms your qualification
  • In addition to the Norwegian standard NS 476 is being used the international standard DIN EN ISO 12944 part 1 to 8, as well as the certification scheme
  • Very good and high-quality alternative to the FROSIO coating inspector

How do you know if you are allowed to take the exam/certification?

In our certification scheme you find the requirements and the necessary documents being required for the submission. You can also contact us.

Upon receipt of the application documents and a positive evaluation of the submitted documents, you will receive a confirmation, including the date and place of examination. This acknowledgment of order shall also be considered an admission to the examination. The writing does not have to be brought to the examination.

Can I also be accepted as a painter/spray-painter without 7-years of professional experience?

If you have been working as a painter/spray-painter in the field of anti-corrosive paints, you can be admitted to the examination. We would be pleased to check your individual case.

Do I have to take part in the course in order to be admitted to the examination?

The course is a recommendation for preparation for the examination, but no admission requirement. Participation in the examination without a course is possible, provided that you can submit alternative training certificates in advance.

Are the requirements of the test dependent on the level?

The test is the same for all levels. The professional experience is decisive for the respective level (A, B, C), but not the examination contents

What happens when, for example, I cannot participate in the examination on grounds of illness?

In case of non-participation, the next examination date can be taken. If three examinations were not taken, the procedure may be interrupted for the time being. The same also applies to repeat tests. However, we verify each individual case.

How is the distribution of tasks between the training partner and DIN CERTCO?

The training partner is, in principle, the contact person for the course content, course and billing of the course. The training partners inform DIN CERTCO about the registered participants so that DIN CERTCO can prepare the exam accordingly. As a rule, the course fees are billed in advance.

DIN CERTCO is the contact person for all aspects of testing and certification. The test preparation, performance and evaluation are carried out by DIN CERTCO. The certification fees are also invoiced exclusively through DIN CERTCO and only after completion of the procedure.

Who is the certificate holder?

It is a personal certification. The contracting party and thus the holder of the certificate is ultimately the one who pays the bill. If the invoice is issued to a private individual, the latter is liable. When accounting for a company, the latter is responsible and must sign the application with a company stamp.

In principle, the certificate can also be issued to a private person with accounting to the company or vice versa.

When will billing be done at DIN CERTCO?

The invoice will be sent with the certificate and the identity card (ID card) after completion of the procedure. Advance invoices are possible on request or in individual cases.

Why is there a license fee?

From the following year of initial certification onwards an annual fee for the certification mark “DIN-Geprüf” (meaning DIN-certified) is charged. For further services please see also our current schedule of fees.

Because the certification mark is provided by the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (German Institut for Standardization) and license fees are required, we must pass them on the user of the mark (certificate owner).

What happens when I as an employee leave the company or change the employer?

The certificate can in principle be transferred to the new employer or to a private individual. The prerequisite for this is that the previous employer agrees to a transfer by means of a declaration of consensus. If the declaration of consent is not available, an initial certification with new register numbers is possible without re-examination.

If a private person is circumscribed to the company, a declaration of consent is not required.

In both cases, an application must be made for a description.

What is the difference to FROSIO?

DIN CERTCO is the only certification body worldwide, which is commissioned by DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (German Institut for Standardization) to grant the right to use the DIN mark.

Advertising may be carried out using the „DIN-Gepürft” meaning “DIN-Certified“ mark awarded by DIN CERTCO e. g. on internet pages, advertising brochures, business cards, in e-mails or similar in connection with the corresponding registration number. The right to use the DIN mark and the registration number are granted with the certificate. In addition certified individuals (persons and/or companies) are included in our database and can thus be verified for everyone.

As an independent and neutral certification body DIN CERTCO carries out the written and practical examination of Coating Inspectors according to the fixed requirements specified in the standards with respect to the professional competence and experience of a coating inspector.

Is a “DIN-Geprüft” coating inspector equivalent to a FROSIO coating inspector?

Both certifications are equivalent, since both refer to the Norwegian Standard NS 476. The grading system is also similar for both (DIN CERTCO offers certification in levels A-C, FROSIO: Level 1-3).

For the “DIN-Geprüft” coating inspectors (meaning DIN-Certified) of stages A-C, analogous to the FROSIO coating inspectors of level 1-3, it can be concluded that the stipulated requirements on coating inspectors are to be regarded as equivalent, including the associated inspection and verification processes.

We would be pleased to provide you with a letter of confirmation in German, English or French upon request, in which we confirm the equivalence.

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We are pleased to answer your questions

We are pleased to answer your questions

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