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Export to Libya

Export to Libya

Start exporting to Libya with an export certificate (Certificate of Inspection) from DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland

Libya is an interesting market that has grown steadily in recent years. The largest oil reserves in Africa are in Libya and off its coast. Since its discovery, oil has become the most important economic element in Libya, accounting for 80% of total economic output and 90% of export revenues. Therefore Libya is economically very well positioned.

As a manufacturer, you can benefit from this economic upswing by exporting your goods to Libya. All you need is a Certificate of Inspection. According to the official regulations of the Central Bank of Libya of 30 April 2015, only Letter of Credit (L/C) payments will be accepted for exports to Libya. In addition, an official document (Certificate of Inspection) is required from an inspection company confirming the conformity of the delivered goods with the products specified in the letter of credit.

The following products are subject to the export certificate Goods which are excluded from import to Libya
Food, Cosmetics, Accessories Pigs, pork meat, pork fat, etc
Toys Alcoholic drinks
Textiles, clothing, leather goods Non-halal meat, fat, food
Pyrotechnics Baking aid with potassium bromate
Office supplies and equipment Used Engines, Tyres and Spare Parts for Automotive
Sports equipment Traditional Libyan Clothing
Leisure and camping equipment Birds from countries affected by epidemics
Household and kitchen appliances All milk products manufactured in the People's Republic of China and all milk products manufactured in other countries using milk originating in China
Furniture Medicinal products, live animals and birds, pesticides, frozen and chilled fish and meat shipped by land to Libya
Sanitary products
Building products
Household appliances
IT, Telecommunications
Lights, LED

In general, all deliveries of goods to Libya are regulated. The exact requirements can be found onthe letter of credit.

We create trust for your market success!

We offer exporters the individual support they need to enter the Libyan market.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Submission of the application form with other documents, such as:
    • letter of credit
    • Proforma / final invoice and packing list
    • certificate of origin
    • Health certificate for food (if available and applicable)
    • Bill of Ladding/ Airway Bill
  • Checking the documents for completeness
  • If the application check / first document check is satisfactory, TÜV Rheinland carries out the inspection
  • The commissioned inspector carries out a visual inspection based on the invoice / packing list provided by the customer
  • The visual inspection shall include the following activities (where applicable) unless additional requirements are mentioned in the LC
    • Checking the quantity
    • Visual quality inspection
    • Verification of marking and labelling
    • Checking the shelf life and ingredients of foodstuffs
  • The inspector sends the inspection report to TÜV Rheinland after completion of the inspection.
  • TÜV Rheinland sends the draft test certificate to the customer for approval. If a correction is necessary, TÜV Rheinland will carry out the necessary correction.
  • If no correction(s) are required, TÜV Rheinland will send the original certificate to the customer..

If you would like to enter a new market by exporting your products to Libya, contact our experts today!


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We´re looking forward to your message

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