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Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels -

Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels - "KEYMARK"

The KEYMARK certification for Europe

Using of ceiling mounted radiant panels is becoming more and more popular in showrooms, industryrooms, sportrooms, salesrooms and in administrativeroom with a room height of at least 3 m.

Today, the ceiling mounted radiant panels meet all requirements which are made to a modern panel heating: comfortable tempering of the room to be heated with minimal space required and low maintenance effort. Also, as far as aesthetics, the ceiling mounted radiant panels do not need to hide any more behind the classic radiators.

The most important quality of a ceiling mounted radiant panel is the even tempering of the room. The heat release occur primarily as a radiant heat by the horizontal or diagonal arrangement under the ceiling what, by the loss of the airflow, also has a positive effect on the hygiene.

Trust is good - KEYMARK is better

 KEYMARK - DIN geprüft

Today, there is a variety of most different products on the European market for ceiling mounted radiant panel and the planners or architect has to decide between the different offers. Therefore, the correct purchase decision is worth hard cash for the customer.

DIN CERTCO gives the manufacturer the opportunity with the recognized Euorpean quality mark "KEYMARK" to convince his customer of the special quality of his products and gives him a support with the purchase decision - because our marks create confidence!

The manufacturer documents with the certification that his ceiling mounted radiant panel fulfils all standard requirements and is tested, certified and surveilled by a neutral, independent and competent body. Furthermore, the Factory Production Control (FPC) of the manufacturer is also supervised every year, that means an additional "Plus" of quality for user and consumer.

Testing foundations for ceiling panels

Basis for the award of the "KEYMARK" is the DIN CERTCO certification scheme "Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels - KEYMARK". It is based on the standard parts mentioned below and was worked out concerning the technical requirements together with RADMAC (RADiators Mutual Acceptance of Certification) and their members AFNOR (F), BSI (GB), RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Heizkörper aus Stahl e. V. as well as DIN CERTCO to make a greatest possible acceptance of the certification results for the manufacturers within Europe.

  • DIN EN 14037-1 "Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120 °C - Part 1: Pre-fabricated ceiling mounted radiant panels for space heating - Technical specifications and requirements"
  • DIN EN 14037-2 "Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120 °C - Part 2: Pre-fabricated ceiling mounted radiant panels for space heating - Test method for thermal outputt"
  • DIN EN 14037-3 "Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120 °C - Part 3: Prefabricated ceiling mounted radiant panels for space heating- Rating method and evaluation of radiant thermal output"
  • DIN EN 14037-4 "Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120 °C - Part 4: Pre-fabricated ceiling mounted radiant panels - Test method for cooling capacity"
  • DIN EN 14037-5 "Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120 °C - Part 5: Open or closed heated ceiling surfaces - Test method for thermal output"

Quality criteria

There are described the requirements and test procedures are them for the ceiling mounted radiant panels. The following quality criteria are a subject of the test:

  • Standard thermal output
  • Surface treatment
  • Surface emissivity
  • Fixing points
  • Density
  • Pressure resistance
  • Tolerances
  • Materials
  • Top thermal insulation
  • Pressure loss
  • Release of hazardous substances
  • Reaction to fire as well as
  • Marking and catalogue data.

Furthermore, the following other quality criteria of the "KEYMARK" certification are checked and monitored which exceed the standard "DIN-Geprüft" certification of the ceiling mounted radiant panels:

  • Annual surveillance of the quality management system of the manufacturer
  • Different quality levels (1 to 4) for the operating pressure
  • Different quality levels (1 to 5) for the coating

Testing and KEYMARK certification

The European quality mark "KEYMARK" for ceiling mounted radiant panels is only granted to those products, which were successfully tested against the European Standard EN 14037 and certification schemes including the Factory Production Control and following neutral assessment by a testing laboratory approved by DIN CERTCO.

After the positive result of the assessment, DIN CERTCO issues a certificate that is valid for 5 years, as long as the surveillance procedures will be passed with a positiv result.

The registration number for the definite identification of the certified product has got the following structure: 011-8Dxxx.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you. Would you like to learn more about the KEYMARK certification of ceiling mounted radiant panels according to DIN EN 14037? Our experts will be happy to inform you personally. Contact us today!

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How should test reports be sent to ensure a smoth processing of certification procedures?

In order to process the certification procedures, DIN CERTCO needs all the documents required for this purpose on time, such as the inspection report on the factory production control (FPC)l and the test reports on the thermotechnical testing of the heating or cooling capacity as well as the technical documents (test report C).

Ideally, these should always be sent by the involved testing laboratories as PDF files to the customers and in parallel to the responsible DIN CERTCO customer service. This saves paper, it is fast and everyone has the complete information for further processing of the certification procedures.

Which changes result from the new certification scheme (Edition: 2021-09)

For many years, planners and installers at home and abroad have trusted The combination marks "KEYMARK" and "DIN-Geprüft" and the associated trouble-free operation of ceiling mounted radiant ceiling panels in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 14037 Whether in Europe or Asia, the DIN certificate opens up access to local markets worldwide.

But even what is good can be made even better. Already in 2016-12, the responsible European Standards Committee revised DIN EN 14037 and adapted it to the current state of the art. Together with our recognized testing laboratories, we have incorporated the changes contained in parts 1 to 5 into the certification program "Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels - KEYMARK" edition 2021-09). The updated rules of the CEN-CENELEC Intenal Regulations, Part 4 "Certification" (see www.keymark.eu ) have also been taken into account.

In the Documents section you will find the current application documents for certification including the valid fee schedule as well as all current certificate holders.

The main changes at a glance:

  • Adoption the new European Standard
  • Limitation of the validity of the certificates to 5 years
  • Editorial changes

What concrete changes will there be for you?

  • For all new ceiling mounted radiant panels to be tested, for which the KEYMARK is to be applied for, the new certification scheme is to be bindingly applied after its publication.
  • All existing KEYMARK certificates based on the previous certification scheme (as of 2017-065) must be converted to the new certification scheme until 2022-12-321 after the anual surveillance at the latest. However, this can also be done earlier upon request.
  • Modifications or extensions of KEYMARK-certified products must be carried out according to the new certification scheme.
  • All products must provide proof of conformity with the currently valid standard in the form of a current test report C and a new data sheet by a test laboratory recognized by us.
  • Please make sure that the test report also refers to the valid certification scheme including the date of issue.
  • Furthermore, in order to minimize the processing time, the testing laboratory should send you and us all the necessary reports directly as a PDF file.

We are ready. Our experts know the changes in detail and are happy to answer your specific questions.

pdf Application form for KEYMARK certification 84 KB Download
pdf Certification Scheme "Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels - KEYMARK" 923 KB Download
pdf CEN CENELEC – Internal Regulations Part 4 – Certification (THE KEYMARK SYSTEM) 459 KB Download
pdf Schedule of fees "Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels - KEYMARK" 228 KB Download
pdf Brochure "Heating and Air Conditioning Products" 480 KB Download
pdf Brochure "KEYMARK" 445 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download

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We are pleased to answer your questions

We are pleased to answer your questions

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