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Basic Materials for Plastic Piping Systems

Basic Materials for Plastic Piping Systems

Plastic pipes and fittings must have the mechanical, physical and chemical properties required by the product standards. For drinking water pipes, legal hygiene requirements must also be met.

The starting material for the production of plastic pipes and fittings is a moulding compound supplied by the raw material manufacturer as a granulate. This must have properties that are specified in the relevant product standards for pipes and fittings. The fulfillment of these requirements for the materials is confirmed by a certification from DIN CERTCO and documented with the KRV material list.

This voluntary product certification for high-quality plastic pipe systems is a special proof of quality. It is an important decision-making and orientation aid for specialist planners, installers, building owners and property developers.

Application areas (material groups)

The materials for plastic pipe systems certified by DIN CERTCO currently comprise the following 4 material groups:

  • Material polyethylene (PE 80 and PE 100) for the production of pressure pipes and fittings for gas, drinking water, waste water and industrial applications
  • Material polyethylene (PE 100-RC) for the production of pressure pipes and fittings for alternative installation according to
  • Strip material polyethylene (PE 80, PE 100, PE 100-RC) for the production of pressure pipes for gas, drinking water, sewage and industrial applications
  • Material unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) for the production of high-pressure pipes and fittings in gas supply systems

Testing and certification foundations

DINplus for plastic pipe product

The basis of the DINplus certification of materials for plastic pipe systems is a special certification scheme of DIN CERTCO, which covers all current requirements of the rules state of the art (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO standards and PAS).

It was developed in cooperation with the DVGW CERT GmbH and the KRV (Kunststoffrohrverband e.V.) and combines all material-relevant requirements from the previous certification programs for plastic pipe systems of DIN CERTCO.

At the same time it takes into account the requirements of PAS 1031, PAS 1075 and the corresponding standards. In particular, the hygiene requirements listed here concentrate the specifications of the DVGW and the recommendations of the Federal Environment Agency.

The certification program thus forms an all-encompassing work for the certification of materials in the plastic pipe sector in coordination with all relevant current standards.

Testing and assessment

As part of the certification process, the materials must undergo strict approval testing. Only those materials are awarded the DINplus quality mark which have proven their conformity with the standards by successfully passing a test in a testing laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO and subsequent neutral evaluation.

After a positive assessment result, DIN CERTCO issues a certificate which is valid for 5 years as long as the semi-annual surveillance test (regular test) of the products and the quality assurance system (QA system) is carried out with a positive assessment result.

The registration number for the unique identification of the material certificate has the following structure: P1W000.

All valid certificates are published on our homepage and can be found under "Certificates and Registrations". Manufacturers, planners/installers and consumers use this service to obtain information about certified products.

Materials that are successfully DINplus-certified are added to the KRV material list "Certified materials for pressure pipes and fittings" (German only), which is regularly updated by the KRV.

There are lots of good reasons for a DIN-certification.

  • Provide evidence of your superior quality
  • Clearly set yourself apart in the competitive environment
  • Help your customers make a decision by an international mark with high reputation
  • As a neutral third party, DIN CERTCO backs up your quality assertions
  • Provide evidence of tender requirements in the voluntary and legally obliged field
  • Quicker market access for innovative products
  • Control the quality of basic materials.
  • Use of a strong international network of testing laboratories and cooperation partner like KRV and DVGW


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Certificate Holder and Testing Partner

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