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Biodegradable mulch films and materials made from bio-plastics: we guide you through certification | DIN CERTCO

Biodegradable in Soil - Indispensable Test Mark for Mulch Films

Certification for biodegradable mulch films, materials and intermediates according to DIN EN 17033.

Mulch films help protect plants, improve soil and increase yields in agriculture and gardening. But not all of them are equally suitable. For example, the remains of conventional mulch films have to be collected after use. More and more agricultural and gardening businesses are therefore switching to biodegradable mulch films. Their unique advantage is that they can simply remain in the soil after their period of use.

Important for you as a manufacturer or distributor of mulch films: Your customers pay close attention to the biodegradable properties of the products. With certification from DIN CERTCO, you can prove that your mulch films meet all the requirements of the standard and are marketable. Get the test mark „DIN Geprüft – Bioabbaubar im Boden“ (DIN Tested – Biodegradable in Soil) - this way you create transparency and trust among your customers.

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We test and certify according to DIN EN 17033: Plastics - Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and gardening. This standard defines European requirements for biodegradable mulch films for the first time. DIN CERTCO offers certification for mulch films, intermediates and materials according to DIN EN 17033. With our DIN Geprüft mark, you as a manufacturer or distributor can prove the biodegradability of your mulch films in the soil.

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Tested by Independent Experts – This Mark Creates Trust

Certification by DIN CERTCO proves that we, as a neutral and independent certification body, have inspected your product and that it meets the requirements of the relevant standard. With this quality mark, you create the essential prerequisite for your market access and gain full confidence in your biodegradable bioplastic mulch films.

Expert Tests Prove Biodegradability

DIN EN 17033 forms the basis of our certification program "DIN Tested - Biodegradable in Soil". The following test certificates are required for this:

  • Chemical characterization
  • Test for complete biodegradability in soil
  • Plant compatibility (ecotoxicity test)
  • Earthworm toxicity test (acute or chronic)
  • Nitrification inhibition test with soil microorganisms
  • Infrared transmission spectrum

Especially for mulch films additionally:

  • Dimensions, mechanical and optical properties
  • Designation and marking of the product

The tests are carried out in a testing laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO. First, we evaluate the material composition and determine the testing scheme. If your product meets the above requirements, you will receive the corresponding certificate and may use the "DIN Tested - Biodegradable in Soil" mark for your mulch films.

The certification of mulch films is valid for five years, certificates for materials and intermediates are valid for six years. To ensure that all certified products are compliant at all times, we operate a regularly surveillance.

Testing Laboratories and Expert Teams for Your Global Market Access

With DIN CERTCO, you have a professional, experienced partner with a global reputation at your side for over 20 years. We work with a unique network of testing laboratories in all regions of the world.


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Biodegradable in soil.

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