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Products made from Recycled Materials - Flustix Recycled

Flustix Plastic-Free


Flustix is a sustainability label for plastic-free and partially plastic-free products. Our goal is to reduce the use of consumer plastics which account for 80 percent of plastic waste found in nature. Flustix analyses products and supply chains and then labels approved items with the Flustix certification marks. By making plastic reduction clearly visible for customers, we provide guidance and the opportunity to make a plastic-aware buying decision. Flustix supports plastic alternatives and communicates sustainability for innovative brands.

Our goal: to reduce plastic waste worldwide

It’s simple: we want to reduce plastic waste. Instead of discrediting the material in general, Flustix believes in rethinking it. Plastic is a valuable material which should be utilised only if absolutely necessary. Being certified by an independent sustainability institution enables brands to credibly express their increased CSR engagement within the field of plastic reduction. Flustix does not intend to stigmatise synthetic materials in general. In fact, Flustix acknowledges that plastic is a valuable material which has to be economised and used in an environmentally-friendly manner.

DIN CERTCO evaluates and confirms compliance with the criteria. Necessary for the flustix PLASTIC-FREE certification is a successful laboratory test of your product in advance.

The four flustix PLASTIC-FREE trustmarks

Plastic-free total product (turquoise)

The flustix mark for a totally plastic-free product can be considered a milestone in consumer protection and sustainability certification. For the first time in history, producers are tested by an independent institution and pledge not to market any form of synthetics to customers.

Free from microplastics (light blue)

This trustmark certifies products, namely cosmetics and sanitary articles, detergents and cleaning agents that avoid using microbeads and microplastics. Generic microplastics defined by ECHA ANNEX XV RESTRICTION REPORT are solid plastic particles or fibers smaller than five millimetres which are added to products intentionally in order to increase viscosity or friction (in cosmetics particularly to create a so-called peeling-effect.)

Plastic-free product (dark blue)

This certificate applies to products which are plastic-free inside but have to be packed in plastic for sanitary reasons, such as medical appliances or similar.

Plastic-free packaging (green)

Consumer goods which are naturally free of plastics or synthetics or prohibited from containing them by law, such as food and beverages, can only apply for the ‘plastic-free’ label for their sales packaging and trays. Cosmetics and sanitary products are not included within this category and can qualify for content-specific certifications.

Certification procedure

Each product or component has to pass through a multitiered plastic-testing process before Flustix certification is awarded. A company intending to get certified with our independent label has to send two items to Flustix and our partner laboratory WESSLING for testing.

You will receive a cost estimate for the detailed material analysis. The chemical experts at WESSLING test the item thoroughly using the latest analytical methods. These results give conclusive grounds for the plastic-free certification to be awarded via our licensing partner DIN CERTCO, which administers the Flustix plastic-free trust-mark licences. Please follow our online application form to order a test.


Here we have compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you. Would you like to learn more about Flustix? Our experts will be happy to inform you personally. Contact us today!

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What are the benefits of a certification such as flustix PLASTIC-FREE?

People trust certification marks on products: The data collected by a TNS Infratest-Study shows that 80 percent of Germans are more likely to buy a certified product and are willing to spend significantly more money on it. They base their purchasing decisions on seals – a seal like flustix PLASTIC-FREE creates trust in products and brands and thus also in the manufacturer. The seal on the product demonstrates that a manufacturer, a company, is addressing the challenge of the future, giving the product a corresponding image and giving the manufacturer a sustainable corporate philosophy in its use of resources.

In addition, flustix-certified products benefit from a strong media and public presence, because the media attention and the social commitment to the plastic waste problem is immense. The study on behalf of FLUSTX shows, that 92 % of Germans believe that products and packaging generally contain too much plastic. Up to 88 % of Germans already pay attention when shopping to avoid plastic packaging waste and would also spend more money on plastic-free products.

Is my product eligible for a flustix PLASTIC-FREE certification?

Every product is eligible for a plastic-free certification if it is overall plastic-free (turquoise mark) – or its content is plastic-free (dark blue mark) – or its packaging is plastic-free (green mark). In order to save even more unnecessary plastic, cosmetics, bodycare or cleaning / washing liquids that do not require microplastics can be certified, too (with light blue trustmark).

How can I certify my product/s?

You would like to use the Flustix trustmark on your goods? Then you can register your product for the Flustix test procedure. You can do this online. After completing a questionnaire on the product, we ask you to send two samples each to the testing laboratory of our partner WESSLING GmbH and to Flustix. You will then receive a test offer with a cost estimate. Simply follow the instructions.

How much does a certification cost?

The cost of claiming and reviewing your product is typically between € 800 and € 1000, depending on the cost of testing your product. The total certification including laboratory costs per product is around € 2,000. After submitting the goods to Flustix, you will receive a quote for the chemical analysis. If the test is successfull, you can obtain a license to label your product with the flustix PLASTIC-FREE trustmark from DIN CERTCO. The licence fees can be found in the certification programme.


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We are pleased to answer your questions

We are pleased to answer your questions

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