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Certification according to flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft will improve market prospects and provide savings on upcoming taxes. | TÜV Rheinland

Products signed and sealed as made from recycled plastics – Benefit from DIN CERTCO / flustix certification

The trusted seal of approval for plastics recycling

Any manufacturer currently using plastics in its products or packaging faces almost instant criticism. Consumers, NGOs and government institutions are all calling for less plastic or as much recycled plastic as possible.

Studies show that an overwhelming majority of consumers want less plastic in products and packaging and prefer sustainable products. If plastics are being used, buyers will rate the product more positively the higher the proportion of recycled plastics it contains. Credible labeling means consumers will prefer lesser-known brands and are prepared to pay higher prices.

Regulators are also pressing for higher levels of recycling. Since 2021, EU countries have been required to increase their annual contributions to the EU budget by €800 for each ton of non-recycled plastic packaging waste generated in their countries. This cost is then likely to be passed on to distributors and/or manufacturers of plastics. The European Green Deal also explicitly provides for a binding recycling quota. Many non-EU countries are also planning to tax plastic products that do not achieve a certain level of recycled content.

Companies manufacturing or using plastics also have a social responsibility to significantly reduce waste volumes through materials recycling. Certain business models will need to have a verifiable high level of recycling if they are to be accepted in the future.

Win over consumers and gain tax benefits by using recycled materials
The changes above are presenting major opportunities. You can gain a competitive advantage and tax benefits by having your recycling certified by an impartial, credible body. Prepare now for future regulatory requirements and instantly win over consumers by having products with high levels of recycled content. One way to achieve this is via our "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" certification.

Get your recycled plastics certified!

On-demand webinar “Certification – Products made from recycled materials”
Topic On-demand webinar “Certification – Products made from recycled materials”

We provide you with an extensive overview on the certification, the process and legal requirements. Register now!

flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft seal widely recognized for indicating recycled content

The "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft” seal identifies products made entirely or partially from recycled plastics. DIN certification is suitable for products made from recycled material, such as products manufactured using pre-consumer or post-consumer waste. This includes industrial waste as specified explicitly in DIN EN ISO 14021. Regranulate or semi-finished products as well as end products can be certified.

The "flustix RECYCLED - DIN-Geprüft" label clearly indicates the percentage of recycled materials used. The seal has been recognized and recommended by, among others, the EU Commission, the Federal Environment Agency, the German Consumer Initiative Association and the "Siegeklkarheit.de" portal of the German Federal Government. The seal's high standards and credibility have been further reinforced by numerous international awards.

Certification is based on DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343 requirements in conjunction with other standards of the certification system. It covers post-consumer recycled materials (e.g. "yellow bag") and/or pre-consumer recycled materials (post-industrial). It verifies the traceability of materials used and confirms that no toxic substances have been used in the production process. The certification process includes evaluation of the entire manufacturing process.

Stand out from the crowd of manufacturer self-certifications and benefit from "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" certification by an independent and impartial body.

Give customers confidence that you are not greenwashing, but using recycling to actively and effectively minimize the consumption of finite resources.

How to acquire the "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" seal.

You, as a supplier or manufacturer, apply for certification at DIN CERTCO GmbH. Inspections for the "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" seal are usually carried out by DIN CERTCO's own auditors or by globally recognized partners. We evaluate documentation, issue a certificate after successful inspection, and grant you the right to use the seal.

We create the trust required to succeed on the market – Benefits you gain from "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft"

  • Gain the confidence of consumers.
  • Increase consumer willingness to buy and pay for your products.
  • Use of the "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" seal in advertising.
  • Demonstrate to business and sales partners compliance with high standards of environmental protection and quality.
  • Evidence of being highly committed to sustainability and waste avoidance.
  • Our impartial testing, auditing and assessment will provide additional impetus for process optimization.
  • Benefit from DIN certification's highly renowned transparency.

Demonstrate your sustainability using flustix consumer seals

In addition to "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft", flustix offers other globally unique consumer seals to label plastic-free products. Consumers depend on flustix seals to reduce their plastic purchases and protect the environment. The seals also help innovative actors in the economy to communicate their sustainability credentials on plastic issues.

flustix wants to reduce the overall levels of plastic waste. Plastic requires rethinking rather than demonizing. Plastic needs to be reduced where it makes sense: in the consumer sector.

Benefiting from our reputation
As an independent certification body, DIN CERTCO tests, evaluates and confirms compliance with the criteria for the "flustix RECYCLED – DIN-Geprüft" seal. We work closely with the globally active testing and certification organization TÜV Rheinland and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) so have two strong, renowned partners at our side. Our clients benefit from the TÜV Rheinland Group's international network of more than 20,000 testing, auditing and certification professionals and more than 250 testing laboratories worldwide.

All certification process inspectors recognized by us have specific product and manufacturing knowledge and experience of the relevant area of recognition and are familiar with conducting audits as well as the specific standards and documents relevant to certification.

Find out more about the flustix/DIN-Geprüft seal.

Trust our experts

The future is recycled material - DIN CERTCO expert, Joshua Okojie is firmly convinced of this. In this interview, he explains why even the biggest brands can't avoid the issues of sustainability and the circular economy, and how tests and certifications can boost confidence in products with recycled content. Read the interview!

Möbius loop is good – DIN-Geprüft is even better!

DIN CERTCO also provides certification with the DIN-Geprüft mark. This mark demonstrates that your processes for determining recycled material content comply with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14021! Stand out from the crowd of manufacturer self-certifications by acquiring certification from an independent and impartial body.

Prove to demanding customers that you are minimizing the consumption of finite resources by recycling.

Flyer for recyceled materials

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