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TÜV Rheinland - PAS 1075

Recyclability of products and packaging

TÜV Rheinland - PAS 1075 Alternative installation

Today, the recycling of products and packaging represents an important contribution to the sustainable use of resources and is therefore part of comprehensive product responsibility on the part of manufacturers. Recyclability is an important component of this and must already be taken into account during development. The minimum standard for assessing the recyclability of packaging subject to system participation was published by the Central Packaging Register Office (Zentrale Stelle Verapckungsregister ZSVR) in agreement with the Federal Environment Agency.

TÜV Rheinland - PAS 1075 Alternative installation

DIN CERTCO assesses the quality of recyclability for the purpose of closing material cycles and the associated ecological and economic added value and offers certification for recyclable packaging and products within this framework. For this purpose, it awards the "DINplus Recyclable" mark or the Flustix seal to distinguish recyclability. The two marks can be used alternatively or simultaneously.

Requirements for recyclability

The certification was developed with our partners FLUSTIX and LANDBELL and is based on the minimum standard of the ZSVR according to § 7 Abs. 1 VerpackG. In addition, our certification is based on the international standard DIN EN ISO 14021 and also takes into account essential aspects of DIN EN 13430 . The minimum requirements analogous to the minimum standard as well as DIN EN 13430 are:

  • The existence of a sorting and recycling infrastructure for the respective packaging and thus ensuring high-quality mechanical recycling.
  • The packaging must be designed in such a way that it is sortable in terms of the proportion that is suitable for high-quality recycling. Accordingly, the separability is closely checked
  • Recycling incompatibilities are to be excluded so that the recycling process cannot be disrupted and recycling success is guaranteed in practice.

Testing and certification

According to the above standards, the following analyses and tests are required:

  • Analysis of the construction and composition of the packaging.
  • For plastics, infrared spectra
  • For paper and cardboard, defibering capability may be tested.
  • For material combinations, further tests may be required.

The certification is suitable for all types of packaging, but especially for all packaging with the obligation to participate in the system according to the Packaging Act. This includes packaging made of plastic, cardboard/paper or metals.

In the case of products, the existence of a sorting and recycling infrastructure and separability must also be guaranteed.

Certification takes the form of an analysis of the construction and composition of the packaging. By means of IR spectrum the materials are identified. After positive evaluation, the certificate is issued and is valid for 3 years.

The annual control tests are to ensure that the packaging complies with the dynamic developments of the minimum standard from the Zentralstelle.

There are lots of good reasons for a DIN CERTCO-certification.

  • Fulfillment of recyclability requirements according to VerpackG
  • Clear differentiation in the competitive environment
  • Decision support for your customers through an internationally recognized mark
  • Confirmation of your quality statement by DIN CERTCO as a neutral third party
  • Proof for tender requirements in the voluntary and legally regulated area
  • Fast market access for innovative products
  • Access to a strong network of international testing laboratories and cooperation partners


pdf Application for Certification/ Registraion recyclable products 379 KB Download
pdf Certification scheme DINplus (only in German) 271 KB Download
pdf Certification scheme DINplus Kombizeichen (only in German) 259 KB Download
pdf Testing-, Registration- and Certification Regulations 320 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions 327 KB Download

Certificate Holder and Testing Partner

Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister

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We are pleased to answer your questions

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