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With the demand for more environmental protection and the use of sustainable resources for energy generation, biogenic solid fuels are moved more and more into the public interest. Among the solid biofuels, wood is the most important energy sources.

DIN CERTCO has tested and certified fuel produced from wood, as compressed wood, since the 1990s, which makes it one of the very first certification bodies for biomass fuels. Reference is made to this certification in DIN 51731, which was valid at the time.

The basis for our certifications in the field of fuels have become in the meantime International, but further on the mark "DINplus" stands for consumer orientated quality.

Certify your wood pellets for central heating boilers

Wood Pellets for Central Heating Boilers

We test and certify wood pellets for central heating boilers according to international standards.


Wood Briquettes for Non-Industrial Use

according to DIN EN ISO 17225-3