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Heat Generation and Storage

The use of conventional (oil, gas, coal) or regenerative energy (solar thermal, biomass) starts in the heart of a well-functioning heating system. The requirements for these products are laid down in standards and specific DIN certification schemes. DIN CERTCO examines if the performance characteristics and emission limit values are fulfilled or not, registers the data and assesses by a surveillance procedure if once registered characteristics meet the requirements continously.

Users - planners, architects and private builder owners - get the possibility to recall these confirmed performance characteristics.


Fireplaces for Liquid Fuels

according to DIN EN 16642

Collector Output Label

Voluntary Efficiency Label for Solar Collectors

Solar thermal products – Solar KEYMARK

Solar Thermal Products - Solar KEYMARK

We test and certify solar thermal products with procedures standardized across Europe.

DINplus heat pump assessment and certification

Heat Pumps DINplus

We test and certify heat pumps by European standards.

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps KEYMARK

according to DIN EN 14511