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How can you search in our database?

If you know the registration number of a certified/registered product or a person and want to find out whether as well as how long the certificate is valid, please click in the right infobox on "Full text search" and put the registration number in. You will receive a list with all certificate holder with details about the validity period of the certificate/registration and relevant products.

You want to know if a specific company or a specific person has a valid certificate or want to view all certificates of a company, please click in the right infobox on "By Company/Person". You get a list of valid certificate holder/registrations of a company or a person.

To find DIN certified/registered products, persons, companies or services, please click in the right infobox on "By Branch". You will come across your requested product with the assistance of the assigned branch. There you will obtain a list of all valid certificate holder/registrations. For more details please click the certificate holder/holder of a notication of registration.