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It is not possible to store, distribute, or sell many products, e.g. foodstuffs without packaging. It is therefore impossible to imagine daily life without it. Packaging is made up of several logistic units from several product units or bulk goods, for example, without which transport or sale is not possible.

Today, packaging is significantly more than the wrapping around a product. It fulfils key functions. It protects the contents, guarantees more effective storage and transport, often serves as an information or application carrier and is more environmentally friendly, recyclable or even biologically. Ecological aspects are playing an increasingly important role.

The DIN certification mark and compostability marks have already shown themselves to be effective guides to these special products. The marks shows the the difference.

Biobased products – DIN CERTCO

Biobased products - for more sustainability

Certifications for your biobased products.

Certification of compostable plastics – DIN CERTCO

Industrial compostable products

We certify your biodegradable products.

recycled materials


according to DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343

recycled materials

Products made from Recycled Materials

according to DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343

Desiccant Bags

according to DIN 55473

Small Load Carrier System

VDA Small Load Carrier System (KLT)

according to VDA 4500 / 4504

Corrugated Board

according to DIN 55468-1