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Manhole tops and gully tops (cast iron drain fittings)

Manhole tops and gully tops (cast iron drain fittings)

Manhole tops and gully tops are the upper covers on gully structures and drains. The gully structure can be accessed by removing the moving part (cover or grate). The range of applications for the manhole tops and gully tops ranges from pavements to aircraft landing strips. It is imperative that, under the prevailing loads, the manhole top and gully top offer a secure cover for the gully and that functionality is retained at the same time.


Trust is good - DINplus is better!

Neutral and independent DINplus certification of manhole tops and gully tops by DIN CERTCO nurtures the necessary trust in the quality of products and in the registered properties. Use the mark of an independent certification partner.

Basis of Testing

The documents listed below provide the basis for testing and certification.

  • DIN EN 124 "Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas - Design requirements, testing, marking, quality control“
  • DIN 1229 "Masses per unit area for gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas"

Quality Criteria

The following quality criteria must be met:

  • Material
  • Surface condition
  • Labelling
  • Filling and covering
  • Ventilation cross-section, dimensions of the slots
  • Inlay depth, total gap width, support surfaces and frame height
  • Securing mechanism, traffic safety, functionality and cover/grate opening angle
  • Proof of load-bearing capacity

Furthermore, the manufacturer must take appropriate quality assurance measures during its own monitoring practices to ensure that the confirmed product properties are maintained during production (own monitoring / internal production controls).

In addition, the conformity of the product with the requirements specified in the certification programme and the effectiveness of the internal production controls are externally reviewed twice a year by DIN CERTCO or by an agency engaged by it.

Testing and Certification

Following successful testing and positive assessment of conformity by DIN CERTCO, a certificate is issued, and the right to use the "DINplus" quality mark in conjunction with the associated register number is granted.