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Certification of Persons

“Lifelong learning” is an obligation, but one that holds an opportunity for all of us. It is up to us to come to terms successfully with new challenges. The means to achieve that is offered by training and qualification.

By way of a recognised personal certification undertaken by DIN CERTCO on the basis of internationally agreed standards, qualified personnel can stand out from competitors and document special knowledge or skills that are not covered by traditional job descriptions.

Appropriate certification schemes are developed in co-operation with universities, test institutes and other organisations. DIN CERTCO issues personal advanced training certificates when thorough expertise has been demonstrated in the corresponding area of activity.

The specific know-how and skills are communicated by qualified training establishments. Proof of knowledge is documented by testing. DIN CERTCO awards the certificate after successful completion of the test.

The certificate holder must provide regular proof of ongoing practical experience in the field concerned.

Our DIN-certificates give your career a boost.

Competent coating by a DIN-Certified Coating Inspector protects steel bridges against corrosion

DIN-Certified Coating Inspector

Certification and training for the coating inspector according to NS 476 and DIN EN ISO 12944, parts 1-8.