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Contents of the DIN Certification Schemes

DIN Certification Schemes

The certification schemes developed by DIN CERTCO - where applicable with the participation of other interested parties - and accompanying documents serve as a basis for DIN certification and contain determinations including the following:

  • Certification background
  • Basis of the test (standards, etc.)
  • Requirements and quality criteria placed on the product (What is the content of the test and certification?)
  • Determinations on sampling and conducting the test, if not already set forth in standards
  • Possible requirements for the in-house product control
  • The certification mark to be issued and the validity of the certificate
  • Composition of the registration number
  • The monitoring measures (monitoring tests and audit, where applicable)
  • Information on application
  • If needed, technical data sheet

Here, the following principles determine the certification work: Voluntariness, publicity, broad participation, consensus, uniformity, consistency, objectivity, state of scientific knowledge, state of technology, cost effectiveness, general benefit, internationality.