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Radiators and Convectors

Radiators and Convectors

Radiators and convectors ensure a comfortable feeling in our living space. At the market we have a huge range of different radiators and convectors (panel radiators, towel radiators, convectors, radiators and special editions). However, so versatile the design so versatile the materials (steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper) and so different are the resulting heating capacities.


Confidence is Good - DIN-Geprüft is Better!

The determination of heat capacity is one of the most important basis for an exact laying of heating surfaces for the coverage of heat demands of a building. By this can an over dimensioning be avoid which contributes to the optimisation of costs. That is why, it is important that the testing of heat capacities of radiators are standardized by European standardized measurement methods and testing conditions. In such way, one can achieve comparable and reproductionable performance dates.

A neutral and independent certification by DIN CERTCO has provided the necessary confidence in the product quality and the registered activity values of radiators for many years. As neutral and independent certification body DIN CERTCO has also an accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 .

Testing Basis

The following European standards are the bases for the awarding of the "DIN-Geprüft" mark:

  • DIN EN 442-1 "Radiators and Convectors- Part 1: Technical Specifications and Requirements"
  • DIN EN 442-2 "Radiators and Convectors- Pert 2: Testing Methods and Rating"

There are defined the following requirements and testing methods for radiators.

  • Limit deviations (dimensions and tolerances)
  • Materials
  • Reaction to fire
  • Release of dangerous substances
  • Leak tightness and compressive strength pressure
  • Surface defects
  • Rated thermal outputs
  • Thermal output in different operating conditions
  • Durability
  • Surveillance by the manufacturer (manufacturer's declaration)
  • Marking and catalogue data

Testing and Assessment

Only those radiators get the mark which provide the accordance with the standards by a successful passing of a test in a testing laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO and subsequent neutral assessment. After a positive assessment result DIN CERTCO issues a certificate which is valid for five years.