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Motor Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle number plates

Vehicle number plates must bear the DIN testing and inspection mark (DIN-Prüf- und Überwachungszeichen) in accordance with § 10 of the German Regulation on the reform of the law of registration of vehicles for road transport (FZV - Verordnung zur Neuordnung des Rechts der Zulassung von Fahrzeugen zum Straßenverkehr). This mark is granted after testing by an independent testing laboratory of DIN CERTCO in conjunction with a corresponding registration number.

This registration by DIN CERTCO contributes significantly to the provisions of law. It also serves the Criminal e.g. on information relating to the search for stolen or missing vehicles.

A daily updated list of manufacturers is available via the link "certificate holder" retrieve.


To win consumer confidence in the reliability and safety of products, the mark DIN-Geprüft (=Tested) is preferred. In the field of motor vehicle assessories - e.g. towing ropes and battery jumper cables - our mark DIN-Geprüft has been established for many years.