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Plastic Pipes, Fittings, Inspection Chambers, Seals, And Their Basic Materials

Plastic Pipes, Fittings, Inspection Chambers, Seals, And Their Basic Materials

Plastic pipes and their respective fittings, inspection chambers, and seals do capture more and more the user's confidence in nearly all applications where liquid, gaseous, or solid mediums are transported.

Since the 60th, plastic pipe products are liable to a successful and ambitious quality surveillance by the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoffrohre (GKR). The assurance of this quality level - confident by the user - is assumed with the beginning of the year 2004 by DIN CERTCO, the certification body of DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

DIN-plus-KRV, Plastic pipes

Testing foundations

Basis of the certification are the individual and plastic pipe product related certification schemes which cover all relevant state-of-the-art engineering rules (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO standards). Products which do furthermore fulfil the specific quality requirements, defined in the relevant certification schemes, are granted the right to use quality mark DINplus for plastic pipe systems.

As an inspection and certification body, recognized by the German building authority according to the Building Regulation (Landesbauordnung), DIN CERTCO furthermore assumes the appropriate inspection and issuing of the certificates of conformity (Übereinstimmungszertifikate) for regulated construction products.

Area of application (former Gütegruppen)

The plastic pipe products, certified by DIN CERTCO, do cover the following area of application (former Gütegruppen):

  • Pressure pipes and fittings (solid-wall/multi-layer) of PE for:
    • general applications
    • sewers and drains
    • gas mains
    • drinking water mains
  • Pressure pipes and fittings of uPVC for:
    • drinking water mains
    • sewers and drains
    • industrial water mains
  • Industrial pipes and fittings of:
    • PE
    • uPVC
    • GRP
  • House drainage systems and fittings of:
    • PP
    • mineral-fibre reinforced plastics
  • Sewer, drains, fittings, and inspection chambers (solid-wall/structured-wall) of:
    • uPVC
    • PE
    • PP
  • Pipes for rehabilitation (U-line/structured-wall) of:
    • PE
    • PP
    • uPVC
  • Plastics piping systems and fittings for hot and cold water installations of:
    • PE-X
    • PE-X/Al/PE-X
    • PP/Al/PP
    • PPSU
  • Heating pipes of PE-X multi-layer materials
  • Cable protection pipes of uPVC
  • Drainage systems of uPVC
  • Seals of elastomers for:
    • Pressure pipe systems
    • Sewer and drains

Testing and assessment

The quality mark "DINplus" for plastic pipe systems and their basic materials is only granted to those products, which were successfully tested against the relevant standards and DINplus-certification schemes by a testing laboratory approved by DIN CERTCO.

After a positive result of the assessment DIN CERTCO issues a certificate that is unlimited valid, provided that the semi-annual surveillance of the product and factory production control (quality system) shows that the preconditions are fulfilled.

The registration number, ensuring the identification of the plastic pipe system, has got the following structure: P1Rxxxx whereas their basic materials are registered under the number P1Wxxxx.

All licensees are listed on our website at "database" (unfortunately only in German at the moment). Manufacturer, planners, installers and private consumers do use our database to be informed about certified products.