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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Safe shipment with our pre-shipment inspection

Does your customer want to ensure that their ordered goods meet their requirements and specifications in order to ensure a proper and smooth delivery of goods? In international trade, pre-shipment inspection (PSI) ensures the trouble-free movement of goods.

Our experts provide the inspection of your goods before shipment and loading either on your premises or on those of a specified company. The delivery will be inspected for completeness, correct packaging and the requirements stated by you or the importer before exporting. Upon request, conformity with the required regulations in the country of destination is also inspected. The inspection of the goods and the letter of credit serve as the guarantee of the correct delivery to the import country.

As an independent third party and through our many years of expertise, we are the right partner for the execution of your pre-shipment inspection - regardless of the location and the type of shipment.

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Confirm your delivery requirements with our pre-shipment inspections

With our pre-shipment inspection, you ensure that your goods are dispatched in a proper condition and meet the agreed requirements. With the issuance of an inspection report (“clean report of findings”) by our experts, your customer also receives the necessary prerequisite for payment.

With the pre-shipment inspection, you guarantee a trouble-free movement of goods and, at the same time, strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners. The pre-shipment inspection by our experts increases your competitiveness and minimizes your liability risk.

Comprehensive services of our pre-shipment inspections

We offer various services before the shipment of your goods and inspect among other things:

  • Completeness of delivery
  • Quantity and quality of goods (to be clarified individually)
  • Integrity of the packaging
  • Conformity with national regulations (to be clarified individually)
  • Completeness of the shipping documents
  • Loading before transport

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection – DIN CERTCO

Benefit from pre-shipment inspections by our experts

As an experienced, independent third party, we are the right partner for your international trade. Our experts will provide you with the optimal pre-shipment inspection of your goods according to the standards agreed upon with you.

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Further information about pre-shipment inspection