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Environmental Field

Nowadays, if we talk about environmental protection we no longer only mean aftercare. The term increasingly refers to proactive, preventative measures with ecological, economic and social dimensions.

Independent certifications by third parties enhance credibility, especially in the age of greenwashing.

Biobased products – DIN CERTCO

Biobased products - for more sustainability

Certifications for your biobased products.

Biodegradable in Soil

Biodegradable in Soil

according to DIN SPEC 1165
(CEN/TR 15822)

Industrial Compostable Products

Industrial Compostable Products

according to DIN EN 13432

Collector output Label

Voluntary Efficiency Label for Solar Collectors

Biomasse ISCC

Sustainable Biomass - ISCC

according to ISCC Certification Systems


Sustainable Biomass - REDcert

according to REDcert Certification Systems

Your FSC® CoC and Forest Management Certification

FSC® Certifications

Visible demonstration of responsible forest management, environmental awareness and sustainable cultivation of wood.

PEFC™ Certification verifies sustainable handling of wood

PEFC™ Certifications

Verify your sustainable and responsible forest management and production of wood products.

recycled materials

Products made from Recycled Materials

according to DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343


according to SeedGuard system documents

Solar Thermal Products - Solar KEYMARK

according to EN 12975, EN 12976 and EN 12977

Heat Pump

Heat Pump DINplus

according to DIN EN 14511

Heat Pump


according to DIN EN 14511



according to DIN EN 13432