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Wood Pellets for Central Heating Boilers

Wood Pellets for Central Heating Boilers

Wood pellets are a 100 % CO2-neutral fuel and therefore, helpful to reduce the CO2 emissions. They are made mainly of wood residues from the wood industry. The residues will after preparation under high pressure without any additional chemical binding agents compressed.

The occurrence of high temperature during the pressing process is the reason that the lignin inside the wood becomes liquefied and become the adhesive which gives the strength of the wood pellets. The positive characteristics of wood pellets led to the continuously spread up to 321.500 wood pellet heating appliance in German households in 2013 (DEPI)


Trust is good – DINplus is better!

DIN CERTCO is due to the development of quality standards a long-time and faithful attendant of the pellet branch. The DINplus requirements are mentioned in the Federal Emission Control Ordinance (BImschV I) and in many manuals of heating appliance - an evidence for the high acceptance of our quality mark.

Testing, Inspection and Certification

Basis for the testing and certification are the international standard for wood pellets which replaced since September 2014 the European Standard and partially the European standard for the quality assurance of wood pellets:

  • DIN EN ISO 17225-2 (A1) - Solid biofuels – Fuel specifications and classes – Part 2: Graded wood pellets
  • DIN EN 15234-2 - Solid biofuels — Fuel quality assurance — Part 2: Wood pellets for nonindustrial use

With the testing and certification of wood pellets among other things, the high quality properties during the production of pellets are tested and secured. The product testing are performed by qualified and from DIN CERTCO recognized test laboratories. The content of the testing of the wood pellets includes for example properties like:

  • Water content,
  • Bulk density,
  • Mechanical durability and
  • Chemical conterminations.

A further characteristic which is determined during the product testing is the ash melting temperature. It is a relevant characteristic to estimate the formation of "stone ash". The annually factory inspection and laboratory analysis carried out to monitor the handling of the raw material and final goods, including the monitoring of the factory production control which has to be carried out by every DINplus certified producer. After positive assessment DIN CERTCO grants the certificate, which is valid for 5 years. The certificate can be renewed for further 5 years as long as the surveillances are performed with positive results.


With the DINplus mark you are on the safe side worldwide

The quality mark DINplus with its strict requirements is established world-wide as the quality mark for wood pellets. Traders and consumers of wood pellets trust not only in Central Europe in the DINplus certification, they trust in the certification everywhere were wood pellets with high quality should be bought. Also producer of central heating boilers and furnace like to point out to use only wood pellets with the quality mark DINplus because by using the mark disturbances in the boilers can be avoided.

The formative central idea of DIN CERTCO is to test and certify the product quality in every single step of the production chain. The certification of wood pellets is therefore only a segment of a holistic approach. The complete information regarding the service program of DIN CERTCO for the wood pellets branch is available on our website at the certification of products in the chapter of fuels. You can find also on our homepage all certificate holders in our DIN CERTCO database

FAQ - Answers to important questions

  • The International standard (ISO) for wood pellets which replaced the European standard was published in September 2014. What was the reaction of DIN CERTCO with their certification DINplus on these new requirements?
    • DIN CERTCO added already in April 2014 additionally to the European standard DIN EN 14961-2 also the draft of the International standard DIN EN ISO 17225-2 as basis for the DINplus certification. So that DIN CERTCO at the moment confirms with the DINplus certification the conformity with the international requirements as well as with the European requirements. Discussions on several Congresses and exhibitions showed that the European standard is strongly requested on the marked and still very famous, therefore we took the decision that we will update our certification scheme to have only the International standard as basis, during the year 2015.

  • How will I know which wood pellets meet the DINplus requirements?
    • Every manufacturer of DINplus wood pellets will receive a certificate from DIN CERTCO which should be requested by the customer, moreover the bags for the pellets should show the DINplus mark and the registration number. If pellets have been delivered as bulk goods the delivery notes should show the mark and registration number. Also every person who is interested in can consult the DIN CERTCO website to research the certified manufacturers and providers from an up-to-date list.

  • What should be done if DINplus wood pellets offered on the market are not on your list?
    • DINplus certification is an open system, offering everyone - including consumers - the opportunity to report abuse of the marks to DIN CERTCO. Because the DINplus mark is a registered trademark, these abuses will be prosecuted by DIN CERTCO in accordance with legal provisions.

  • What are the costs for DINplus certification?
    • The location of the production site to be certified will primarily determine the costs of the certification process. Based on this, the certification costs can vary substantially.

      Certification of a production site in Germany typically runs from 3,000 EUR to 4,000 EUR annually. Of course, we will draw up a detailed offer regarding the certification costs for any company that is interested.

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