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Misusing of the mark - Illegal use of DIN marks

Our DIN marks certify a number of positive attributes, including quality, reliability, safety, and consumer and environmental protection.

Certificate holders may use our certification marks for their products or services only after they have been subjected to the proper inspection and certification process at DIN CERTCO.

This certification process is carried out in line with strict accreditation criteria and forms the basis for the success and respect accorded to the DIN marks. This process naturally also incurs costs on the part of the certificate holder.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter cases in which our DIN marks have been misused. The illegal use of the mark can take on different forms:

  • A manufacturer or retailer uses the internationally protected DIN mark without beeing in possession of a valid certificate. Marking e.g. its products with the DIN mark without permission and thus benefit from the reputation and significance of the brand DIN on German and international markets.
  • A certificate has been expired and was canceled by DIN CERTCO. Thus the right to use the DIN mark expires automatically.
  • Changes were made on the product without prior information to DIN CERTCO in writing. Supplementary testing or type testing and amendments of certificates can result from these changes.
  • The DIN mark is placed next to other products (e.g. in brochures) which are not certified or it is used without the corrsesponding registration number.

In order to protect our customers and the reputation of the DIN mark itself, we cannot therefore accept the improper use of DIN marks in the market. We investigate all instances in which DIN marks are misused and reserve the right to take action under civil law (e.g. by lodging a claim for damages).

You can find all cases of misusing of our certification marks in the published "Black List" (products, persons and services which wrongly use the conformity mark issued by us) as well as falsifications of our certificates or notifications of registrations.

In the interests of our customers and to enable us to investigate this type of misuse more quickly, we would like to ask for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you discover any instances in which DIN marks have been used improperly. You can also gain an overview of the valid certificates in our database.

Thank you!