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RADMAC - Radiator Quality for Europe

RADMAC - Radiator Quality for Europe

Mutual acceptance of certification for radiators and convectors according to EN 442

In 1994, on initiation of ehi (Association of the European Heating Industry) the European group RADMAC was founded. The aim of RADMAC is the harmonization of all voluntary quality marks for radiators in Europe. As a result, the quality levels have become more comparable and the bases for certification (testing and inspection reports) are accepted by the involved certification bodies. Today, the following certification bodies are member of RADMAC:

  • AENOR (Spain)
  • AFNOR (France)
  • BSI (Great Britain)
  • DIN CERTCO (Germany)
  • RAL Gütegemeinschaft Heizkörper aus Stahl (Germany)

By this system, including regularly surveillance tests and inspections, the national quality marks show a higher quality level than radiators which are only CE-marked.

The first RADMAC agreement was already signed by AFNOR CERTIFICATION, BSI, DIN CERCTO and RAL in 1998. This agreement deals with the requirements for test reports and the recognition of testing laboratories including their test results. These test results are regularly verified by Round Robin Tests (RRT). These Round Robin Tests ensure comparable test results within the different testing laboratories.

In 2003, the second agreement was signed. It has the objective to recognise the multi-label inspection reports carried out by the inspectors, recognised by the above mentioned certification bodies and qualified following a special RADMAC procedure.

Finally, in May 2018 both agreements were updated according to the new requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17065. Furthermore, the fan assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors were included into the agreements.

For a detailed overview about RADMAC and the respective quality marks, please use the brochure available on this website.