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Burglar-Resistant Products

One of people’s top priorities is to protect their private homes. In order to meet this need, the German Institute for Standardization DIN, offers a comprehensive set of regulations in burglar-proof protection field.

For more than 20 years, DIN CERTCO provides certificates concerning burglar-resistant construction elements according to the specific standards. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply for this certification scheme free willing.

Nowadays, the DIN mark for safety techniques products is a significant decision criterion for customers and suppliers.

We offer the label “DIN-Geprüft einbruchhemmend” (DIN-Tested burglar-resistant) for the following safety products:

  • Burglar-resistant pedestrian door sets and windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters according to DIN EN 1627
  • Additional burglar-resistant products and products for port installation for windows and doors according to DIN 18104-1 or -2
  • Burglar-resistant gates according to DIN V ENV 1627
  • Profile cylinders for door locks according to DIN 18252
  • Mechatronic cylinders according to DIN EN 15684

Additionally we certify:

  • Window handles according to DIN 18267
  • Door fittings according DIN EN 1906 or DIN 18257
  • Security glazing against manual attack according to DIN EN 356