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Certificate of Conformity Algeria

According to the official announcement of the Banque national d ' Algérie (Algerian National Bank) and following the Algerian specifications (16/DGC/2009) since February 16, 2009 all export goods shall demonstrate a so-called "Certificat de contrôle de qualité" (certificate of conformity CoC) issued by an approved certification and testing centre in accordance with.

This is to ensure that the products imported into Algeria meet the Algerian standards and technical regulations. With this the Bank implements the Algerian law, which regulates the basis of the new provisions relating to the importation of goods to Algeria. The certificate of conformity is required for each shipment and is necessary for the Algerian customs clearance.

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With the valuation of goods in accordance with the Algerian requirements and the legal provisions, we support companies that export to Algeria.

The assessment is based on existing certificates and test reports followed by inspections. Two original certificates are issued after successful verification of the requirements. The exporter requires a copy to present to his bank and sends the others to the importer for the release of the goods from the local authorities.