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Heat Pump KEYMARK fully recognized in Slovakia


Heat Pump

Besides several European states, also in Slovakia the Heat Pump KEYMARK is now accepted as a proof of compliance with performance requirements. The new Slovak subsidy program valid for 2019-2023, promotes the enhancement of energy efficiency and provides financial assistance for clean heating solutions. From January 2019, the Heat Pump KEYMARK grants full access to the Slovak heat pump market.

DIN CERTCO fully supports the increasing development of the Heat Pump KEYMARK in Europe. On top of that, the Heat Pump KEYMARK certificate includes the requirements of the EHPA Quality Label. Therefore, Heat Pump KEYMARK Holders may gain the quality label without further testing. The Heat Pump KEYMARK is your uniform quality mark in a single European market.

(Source: www.heatpumpkeymark.com)

Here you will find more information about our certification.

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