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Yield classes included in prestandard for energy efficiency of buildings


New calculation method and reference values for solar collectors ensure more transparency in the new edition of the DIN V 18599.

In September 2018, the new edition of DIN V 18599 - Energy efficiency of buildings - was published. It was already published in 2016 in a completely revised version, which has now been validated and adapted once again. The new method for calculating solar systems described in parts 5 and 8 was also validated. This method was developed by Prof. Hirschberg as a monthly calculation method based on the collector characteristic values and physically stringent new in the system, after before only a method based on a reference system was used.

With this method it is possible for the first time to map solar coverage levels for buildings, both for solar water heaters and combined systems with good accuracy, as well as to create verifications for solar houses with coverage over 50 %. Up to now, complex simulations have always been necessary to prove more than the generally specified 10 % share for heating support. In future, this standard will form the basis for calculations within the framework of the EnEV and the Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG), which is currently under discussion.

Our member of the steering group, Stefan Abrecht, provided support in both process development and validation. Together with the chairman of the responsible standards committee, Dr.-Ing Bert Oschatz, the process was given its final polish this spring.

In addition, the standard now received a selection catalogue of standard values for collectors, after many years of finding only the values for a single flat plate collector. Table 20 now contains characteristic values for 5 flat-plate and 2 tube collectors, each representing a typical category according to the SOLERGY classification. This covers the entire range of collectors available on the market, and the corresponding parameters are made available for calculation irrespective of the manufacturer.

Further information about the collector label SEOLERGY is available via www.dincertco.de/solergy_en .

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