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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, we are happy to answer questions that are frequently asked by our customers and partners.

  • Why do we issue all our certificates obligatory in German language?
    • DIN CERTCO is a German Certification Body, although our customers do rely all over the world on our certificates and the marks we grant.

      Nonetheless, as a legally binding language, we have chosen the German language, even though, of course, we still offer our customers the option of translating their certificates in any desired language in order to be able to use them optimally in the respective target market. However, these are always translations only. Should there be legal disputes due to translation errors, the German version is the legally binding version.

      This is done, for example, in the house of standardization the DIN made in the creation of European Standards. There is a language version of the respective working version. All other languages ​​are only translated. In case of doubt, the working version applies.

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