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Thermal Insulation Products - KEYMARK Conference 2016

Tested and certified once - accepted everywhere!

18.10.2016 - 19.10.2016 Berlin

Thermal Insulation Products - KEYMARK Conference 2016

In today's environment, thermal insulation products for buildings and industrial installations make a significant contribution towards preserving energy resources. When it comes to product choice, suppliers of insulating materials and insulation technology companies focus not only on the performance capability of the thermal insulation products, but also on its reliability. Certificates and marks from an independent certification body aid the purchasing decision and give the buyer the reassurance that they have acquired a quality product.

Europe is also coming together on product markings. The KEYMARK, which is the European quality mark for product and services, opens the door to the markets of Europe for international businesses. Combined with the VDI's "Überwacht nach VDI 2055" mark, which is widely recognised, the certified quality products offer you the competitive advantage of setting yourself apart amongst the ranks of suppliers. Market your product across Europe under a standardised quality mark.

Aim of the conference

First day:

The conference will give an overview of the KEYMARK-System as an uniform Product Quality Mark for European Consumers in general and will also provide details of the VDI / KEYMARK-System of thermal insulation products for buildings and industrial applications.

The product’s compliance with the CE Marking only ensures compliance with the minimum legal requirements for thermal insulation products, basically their reaction to fire classification. Thus, the mandatory CE Marking only focuses on the basic requirements to be met by the products, based on the Construction Product Regulation, and therefore voluntary product certification encompasses all the characteristics defined in the product standards.

The KEYMARK is the European certification mark showing the conformity of products with European Standards. Whereas CE-marking shows the observance of legal minimum requirements, the KEYMARK provides a real added value for the consumer: tested and certified observance of uniform European Quality Standards. The legally required CE-marking for construction products can be completed thereby in a meaningful way.

In the EU member states, an organized and effective market monitoring is rare. For this reason, voluntary product certification, organised within the KEYMARK, is an important instrument for increasing confidence and encouraging the harmonization of local certification schemes.

Second day:

Registered testing laboratories, the experts in the field of thermal testing working with identified reference test equipment will share experiences and will inform how they can improve to ensure the high quality of the supervised products. The main instrument for that are the implementation of Round Robins and Audits to achieve a transparency and a level of fair playing field, both for manufacturers and laboratories.

Target group:

Manufacturers, importers and sellers of thermal insulation products | users, consumers and insulating companies | certification bodies | testing laboratories | authoroities


All presentations will be given in English, no translation is foreseen.

Participation is free, but registration latest by 2016-09-30 is required.

Venue: DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.
Am DIN-Platz, Burggrafenstraße 6, 10787 Berlin
Event Dates: 18.10.2016 - 19.10.2016

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