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GS Mark

GS Mark

The GS Mark (GS = Geprüfte Sicherheit = Tested Safety) is a recognised safety mark that is respected in many countries outside Germany. Its purpose is to ensure that in the area of consumer and labour protection the safety requirements applying to technical equipment have been fulfilled, and that such compliance is tested and regularly inspected by an independent (approved) body. The mark is based on the Produktsicherheitsgesetz (= Product Safety Law - ProdSG).

A type testing on a specimen is used to establish whether the product meet the requirements of the Product Safety Law. For this purpose, a voluntary safety test of the product is performed by a body approved by the Central Agency of the Laender for Safe Technology (ZLS).

The approved body must ensure by appropriate control measures (products and production plant monitoring) that only products which are identical to the specimen are actually are placed on the market. Where the applicable conditions are fulfilled, manufacturers are entitled to apply the GS Mark to their products. It is prohibited to apply the GS Mark to products that have not been tested and assessed by an approved body.

The GS Mark has proved its value over many years. It makes an effective contribution to consumer protection and supports traders in their obligation to offer the consumer safe products. It is in the interest of trade, and in accordance with its legal obligations, to contribute by its own actions to prevent improper use of the GS Mark.

DIN CERTCO is an approved body within the terms of the Product Safety Law and undertakes certification in the following product ranges: