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Corrugated Fibreboard

Corrugated Board

Due to the growing trade in products from all over the world, the requirements for packaging and thus also for corrugated fibreboard is becoming ever more demanding. In particular, the storage and transport have different demands on the quality of the corrugated fibreboard used. Users are therefore looking for the certainty that the corrugated fibreboard used meets the given requirements. Both packaging from corrugated fibreboard and corrugated fibreboard itself can be certified.


Trust is good – Certified with “DIN-Geprüft” is better!

With the recognized and neutral certification mark "DIN-Geprüft" DIN CERTCO offers a clear decision-making aid to buyers of corrugated fibreboard packaging. As a manufacturer, you let certify the quality and periodic inspection of your products by an independent third party. Our certification mark „DIN-Geprüft“ means trust and quality.

The certification is carried out according to the certification scheme and is based on the requirements of the national standard:

  • DIN 55468-1"Corrugated fibreboard. Part 1: Requirements and testing"

Depending on the intended use, the necessary test methods are defined:

  • Storage Corrugated fiberboard of grades 1.01 to 1.05 and 2.02 to 2.06 are primarily intended for static stress and are characterized by their puncture resistance and edgewise crush resistance.
  • Transport Corrugated fibreboard of grades 1.10 to 1.50 and 2.20 to 2.70 are additionally designed for dynamic stress and are characterized by their bursting strength, puncture resistance and edgewise crush resistance.
  • Heavy duty board Corrugated fibreboard of grades 2.80 to 2.96 are considered as heavy duty board and are characterized by their puncture resistance and edgewise crush resistance.

Testing and Certification

Corrugated fibreboard becomes certified with the DIN-Geprüft mark if a consistency with the requirements of the standard could be proved by a successfully passed laboratory testing and inspection of the Quality Management System as well as a subsequent neutral assessment.

After a positive evaluation DIN CERTCO will issue a certificate valid for 5 years. Annual monitoring ensures that the high quality requirements are kept even after the initial certification.

All certificate holders are kept in a public list and can be viewed daily