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Solar thermal products

Solar laboratory

Document the high quality standards of your solar thermal products with the Solar KEYMARK

Solar thermal systems convert solar radiation into heat and thereby make an important contribution towards avoiding fossil fuels. Demand for cost-saving and sustainable thermal systems is great, but the market is growing increasingly. DIN-Geprüft and Solar KEYMARK certifications are important reasons for your customers to choose your products.

We test and certify your thermal solar products for their performance, reliability, safety and usability. If they comply with the standards, you will be awarded two quality marks that demonstrate product quality and are recognized throughout Europe: “KEYMARK” and “DIN-Geprüft”. Our certification is suitable for a variety of products:

  • solar collectors (flat plate collectors, tube collectors, PVT)
  • prefabricated or custom solar thermal systems
  • storage water heaters
  • control equipment for solar thermal systems

The Solar KEYMARK certification unifies European quality standards and allows you to access the European market. Our certifications make it easier for planners, installation technicians and consumers to choose to purchase your quality products.

Want to mark your products with the Solar KEYMARK European quality mark? Contact our experts today!

Secure the confidence of European customers with testing and certification for your solar thermal products

Benefits of solar thermal system certification

Strengthen your customers' and business partners' trust by asking us to certify your solar thermal products. Our two neutral and internationally recognized test marks highlight this difference for your customers and offer them a valuable aid in decision-making in a constantly growing market. Certification is the basis for the awarding of subsidies and the improved sales opportunities they bring. This will help you stand out in the competitive environment.

Solar KEYMARK certification testing criteria for your solar thermal products

The certification program was developed with the involvement of manufacturers, test labs, certification bodies and the European Solar Thermal Industry (ESTIF). The Solar KEYMARK and "DIN-Geprüft" certification mark are issued in line with the following European standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 9806 “Solar energy - Solar thermal collectors - Test methods”
  • DIN EN 12975-1 “Thermal solar systems and components - Solar collectors - Part 1: General requirements”
  • DIN EN 12976-1 and DIN EN 12976-2 “Thermal solar systems and components - Factory made systems”:
    • “Part 1: General requirements”
    • “Part 2: Test methods”

  • DIN EN 12977-1, DIN EN 12977-2, DIN EN 12977-3, DIN EN 12977-4 and DIN EN 12977-5 “Thermal solar systems and components - Custom built systems”:
    • Part 1: “General requirements for solar water heaters and combisystems”
    • Part 2: “Test methods for solar water heaters and combisystems”
    • Part 3: “Performance test methods for solar water heater stores”
    • Part 5: “Performance test methods for control equipment”

The manufacturer must also perform product-specific manufacturing product control under consideration of the elements of standards series EN ISO 9000.

Quality criteria for testing solar panels:

  • Internal pressure resistance, mechanical resistance and impact resistance
  • Resistance to high temperatures, to internal and external thermal shocks, and to heat output
  • Exposure and rain-resistance

Additional tests for thermal solar plants:

  • Suitability for drinking water
  • Frost resistance and over temperature protection
  • Return flow protection
  • Pressure resistance
  • Safety equipment

The Solar KEYMARK certificate is valid for five years and can be extended by another five years upon application. The extension will be granted only if factory inspections are performed every year and physical inspections every two years. Once you have passed the certification, you can mark your products with the Solar KEYMARK and the "DIN-Geprüft" mark.

Certification process for Solar KEYMARK and  DIN-Geprüft certification  For solar thermal  products

Your neutral partner for Solar KEYMARK certification

With our experienced experts, we are the right partner to provide neutral testing and certification for your solar thermal products. With the internationally recognized Solar KEYMARK and "DIN-Geprüft" test marks, you can stand out from the mass of providers and sell the quality of your products throughout Europe with a standardized quality mark. Our database lists you as a certified business and allows the latest technical data for your product to be viewed.

Want to know more about testing and certification for your solar thermal products? Contact our experts now!

FAQ – frequently asked questions about certification for solar thermal products

Would you like to know more about testing and certification for solar thermal products? We have answered the most common questions below.

  • 1. What are the advantages of certification for my solar thermal products?
    • Benefits of solar thermal system certification

      · Increased trust among customers and business partners

      · Easier access to European markets

      · Basis for subsidies in European countries

      · Distinction from the competition

      · Internationally recognized and neutral certificate and quality mark

  • 2. What requirements does my product need to meet for certification?
    • Your products will be tested according to European standards DIN EN ISO 9806, DIN EN 12975, DIN EN 12976 and DIN EN 12977. Recognized test labs examine your solar thermal products according to quality criteria such as resistance to mechanical damage, temperature and weather conditions.

      As well as conforming to these standards, your product must be subject to a quality system (product-specific physical inspection) as per the standards series DIN EN ISO 9000 et seq. in order to qualify for the Solar KEYMARK.

      You can find more details about the certification process in the certification program. (PDF, 599 KB)

  • 3. What products can receive Solar KEYMARK certification?
    • The following products can be tested and certified:

      • Solar collectors (flat plate collectors, tube collectors, concentrated collectors, PVC collectors, air heater solar collectors)
      • Prefabricated or custom solar thermal systems
      • Storage water heaters for solar plants (including combined storage tanks)
      • Control equipment for solar plants

  • 4. How long is the Solar KEYMARK certificate valid?
    • The KEYMARK certificate is valid for five years. If the results of the factory inspection and physical inspection are positive, the certificate can be extended by another five years.

      A second extension is only possible after another type inspection. If the test results are positive, you can apply for certification extension to receive a new certificate.

  • 5. How can I as a retailer obtain the Solar KEYMARK for certified products under my own name?
    • If you would like the Solar KEYMARK for certified products under your own name, you need to apply for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certificate. For an OEM certificate you will need to provide us with the following documents:

      • Original application for every certification (specifying the registration number of the applicable KEYMARK certification among other things)
      • Written confirmation from the manufacturer (certificate owner) that we may access the test report
      • Rewritten test report (this could also be a PDF from the test lab) with the name of the OEM customer and a new test report number
      • Type plate and installation instructions / assembly instructions
      • Solar KEYMARK data sheet from the test lab

      You can obtain these documents from the test lab that performed the first test.

  • 6. How much are the license fees for the Solar KEYMARK?
    • The first certificate for a certificate holder costs 50 euros, and every further certificate costs 230 euros

  • 7. Are solar collectors subsidised in Germany?
    • Yes, BAFA has launched a program in Germany supporting efficient solar collectors.

  • 8. What do I need to have a solar collector added to the BAFA list?
    • The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) in Germany needs the following documents and certificates to add a solar collector to the list of collectors eligible for subsidies:

      • Solar KEYMARK certificate
      • Test report as per DIN EN 12975 (the test report is rewritten for OEM collectors)
      • Proof of annual minimum collector gain of 525 kWh/m² for the "Würzburg location"
      • Proof of a gross collector area of at least 7.0 m2 for vacuum tubes and vacuum flat plate collectors and 9.0 m2 for flat plate collectors
      • Proof of buffer storage of at least 50 liters / square meter of gross collector area for vacuum tubes and vacuum flat plate collectors and 40 liters / square meter of gross collector area for flat plate collectors

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