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Traumpass Fashion/Outdoor

Traumpass Fashion/Outdoor

Dreamy clothes and/or dreamily pampered

Since 2011, the association Traumpass Fashion e.V. has awarded the feather labels "Traumpass Fashion" and/or "Traumpass Outdoor". For both retailers and consumers these labels stand for controlled quality of the clothing or outdoor products marked with them. The later extension of "Traumpass" to include the internationally recognised and neutral "DIN-Geprüft" certification mark boosted confidence in the products.

Testing standards

Declaration of the down and/or feather filling for clothing and/or outdoor products

The basis for testing down and feather filled clothing and/or outdoor products is again European standard

  • DIN EN 12934 "Feather and down - Composition labelling of processed feathers and down for use as sole filling material",

which was created on the initiative of the Consumer Rights Protection Council of the European Commission. To maintain the high quality of the clothing and/or outdoor products, however, only those products that comply with the highest classification (Class I and Class II with a maximum of 10% of other elements) as per DIN EN 12934 may be marked with the "Traumpass - DIN-Geprüft Fashion/Outdoor" mark.

In addition, the revision of the certification scheme saw the inclusion of requirements for animal protection, in conformity with animal protection law in the EU. For products with the "Traumpass - DIN-Geprüft Fashion/Outdoor" mark, certificate holders undertake to use only such materials as do not come from living animals (live plucking). This additionally needs to be verified in the companies by a system of traceable goods flows accompanied by regular inspections. During on-site inspections, the existing goods flows are documented and verified.

Testing and certification

To receive the "Traumpass - DIN-Geprüft Fashion/Outdoor" mark of approval, down or feather filled clothing and/or outdoor products must demonstrate their conformity with the standard, as well as the extended requirements, by passing a test in a DIN CERTCO-recognised testing laboratory, as well as by passing inspection by a recognised DIN CERTCO inspector. Following positive assessment, DIN CERTCO issues a certificate that is valid for two years.

Compliance with all quality requirements is monitored regularly. For example, randomly selected products are tested by recognised testing laboratories for conformity with the standard. Infringements against the certification scheme are also punishable by severe fines and, if necessary, by withdrawal of the label of approval.

For both retailers and consumers, clothing and/or outdoor products with the "Traumpass - DIN-Geprüft Fashion/Outdoor" mark of approval stand for high quality goods with a piece of nature for dreaming.