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Barbecue briquettes from high-purity carbon concentrate

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Against the backdrop of scarce wood resources, it is important to consider other raw materials for the production of high-quality barbecue briquettes. An attractive alternative for barbecuing are briquettes made from activated charcoal. They consist of high-purity carbon concentrate. The activated charcoal contains only carbon since the volatile constituents such as carbon compounds or hydrocarbon compounds are driven out of the product in a special production process at over 1200 °C. According to this method carbon remains in its purest form. Due to the high energy density activated carbon is perfect for grilling. Activated carbon is otherwise used in air and water purification, as it is also suitable for filtering pollutants.

The barbecue briquettes made from high-purity carbon concentrate are characterized by their freedom from smoke and the long burning time.

DINplus and DIN-Geprüft – Quality for Barbecue!

As a competent partner, DIN CERTCO has been certifying the quality and safety of grill products for 20 years. Right from the start, the DIN mark is the key criterion for the purchase of barbecue products and is therefore a high priority for retailers and consumers.

For a comprehensive product portfolio in the barbecue range DIN CERTCO offers in addition to the certification of firelighters , charcoal and charcoal briquettes , single use barbecues and barbecues for solid fuels also a DIN certification of barbecue briquettes from high-purity carbon concentrate. This grill fuel can be certified according to DIN SPEC 91346, with the award of the conformity mark "DIN-Geprüft”.

Testing basis

The certification is based on the results of a product test based on the DIN specification:

  • DIN SPEC 91346 "Barbecue briquettes from high-purity carbon concentrate”.

In addition, there is an annual review of the quality of the certified products on the market. The quality assurance measures for the continuous self-monitoring of the production are checked in the context of an internal quality assurance which accompanies production. All necessary laboratory tests are carried out according to standardized test methods and by an independent testing laboratory.

Quality criteria DINplus

A grain size of less than 20 mm ensures excellent combustion performance, very favorable ignition characteristics and low ash content.

  • Very low ash content: max. 13 % (wf)
  • Particle size less than 20 mm: max. 2 %

Further quality criteria are:

  • Organic impurities such as: petroleum, pitch, plastics etc. are excluded by the special production process.
  • The certification covers the verification of consumer information and warnings on the packaging.
  • Once a year, the certified product is monitored in the market

Testing and assessment

Only those grill briquettes made from high-purity carbon concentrate can become certified with the mark "DIN-Geprüft" or "DINplus", which have proved their conformity with the DIN specification by a successfully passed test in a test laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO and subsequent neutral evaluation.

After a positive evaluation of results DIN CERTCO issues a certificate valid for 2 years. In addition, in the first and second year, a market surveillance is carried out. Samples of the certified product are taken from the market. The certificate can be renewed for two further years after expiry of the validity and successful repetition of the laboratory tests. An individual register number on the certificate and on the product serves to protect against misuse of marks.

All DIN CERTCO certificate holders can be viewed on a daily basis under www.dincertco.de in the database.