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Electrical Components

DIN-Geprüft, Electrical Components

Everywhere in the world components are as elementary components of products in the use. Therefore it is particularly important that electrical components are examined for security and quality.

We examine your products after valid safety requirements, customer specifications and demands of the market. Among others we accomplish component examinations in the following ranges:

  • Industries
  • Automotive
  • Retailer
  • Housing
  • Photovoltaics

At the large number of competitors the transparency facilitates the search for a professional partner for customers. For this reason DIN CERTCO assigns with the DIN mark for electrical components together with the TUEV Rheinland. By using the DIN mark you show your high quality and safety level.

Make the most of our worldwide all-round service and reap a wide range of benefits. We will be by your side from product development right through to rollout. We can open doors and help you enter key markets all over the world.

Test Basis

1. Product Testing
In the context of a product examination all standard-relevant characteristics are examined and evaluated by a laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO.

Enclosed to the application the following documents must be submitted:

  • Report of the factory inspection
  • FI report
  • Photo documentation or test samples
  • Design certificate if available
  • Technical data sheet

For their basis it is examined whether the conditions for a factory inspection are fulfilled.

2. Factory inspection
Within the framework of plant inspections, DIN CERTCO, or one of its authorised representatives, inspects the manufacturing and testing facilities as well as the quality assurance measures. The factory inspection also serves to determine whether the technical manufacturing prerequisites are met for the continual conformity of the products with the requirements laid down in the standard.

3. Assessment and Certification
After successfully completing the certification, DIN CERTCO issues to the manufacturer a certificate and grants the right to use the "DIN-Mark" for a period of five years. Within the duration of this period an annual monitoring will take place.