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Exporting to Kyrgyzstan

Successful exporting to Kyrgyzstan - with our Certificate of Conformity

The agricultural county of Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Economic Union at the beginning of 2015 and, due to the importance of its exports to Germany, is a relevant market within the Customs Union.

The main exports of Kyrgyzstan to Europe are copper, steel, iron, tobacco, fruit and vegetables. Kyrgyzstan imports vehicles, machinery, chemical products and equipment from Europe.

To ensure the successful export of your products to Kyrgyzstan, legal requirements and regulations must be met. On the one hand, the transnational technical regulations of the Customs Union must be observed. On the other hand, the already existing Kyrgyzstan national regulations apply to certain product groups which must also be observed. These are the technical regulations of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the KMC certification (obligatory and voluntary), the state registration of medical products and devices as well as the metrological certificate for measuring instruments to be imported.

Before exporting your products to Kyrgyzstan, be sure to check which market and conformity certificates are required. We will be happy to advise and support you in obtaining your certificates of conformity. Contact our experts now!